World Food Travel Day

Join Us April 18 Every Year

World Food Travel Day in 1 Minute

What is World Food Travel Day?

It's an entire day dedicated to drawing awareness to the importance of local culinary cultures around the world. It takes place on April 18, every year, on the same day everywhere in the world.

Travel is the best education and traveling for a taste of place gives us a sense of place.  According to the experts surveyed in our 2019 State of the Food Travel Industry Report, culinary culture and authenticity are fundamental and even critical components of success in food and beverage tourism. To that end, we recognized the need to create an annual campaign to spotlight the preservation and promotion of culinary cultures around the world. It's called "World Food Travel Day" and it will place every year on April 18, starting with the first awareness day taking place April 18, 2019.

How to Get Involved

To participate follow the 3 easy steps below.

  1. Mark your calendar - April 18 every year
  2. Share your stories of culinary culture & travel to social media & ask others to do the same. These stories can be about a noteworthy chef, culinary heritage, cooking techniques, ancient recipes, a traditional restaurant, etc. There is no restriction on the type of posts you can make or the types of businesses that can participate.
  3. Use the official hashtag #WorldFoodTravelDay & tag the World Food Travel Association (@WorldFoodTravelAssn on Instagram and @WorldFoodTravel on Twitter and Facebook)

           That’s it! You have done your part to support World Food Travel Day.

Help us and our industry to spread awareness about food tourism, culinary authenticity and the importance of our food cultures, not just in your area, but around the world as well!