It's much, much more than just a list of gourmet restaurants and wineries.

Think about it. Unique food & beverage products and experiences ...


help build an area's brand equity;

increase revenues;

& drive export demand for local food and beverage products.




A secure online platform where members can network, learn and share. Members enjoy generous discounts and can participate in committees and projects.

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Are you passionate about your local area and want to represent our Association locally? Ambassadorship is invitation-only without any additional costs.

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Thought Leadership

We advance our industry with cutting-edge opinions and articles, media support, and products such as our State of the Industry report, podcast, and industry handbook.

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A series of short courses designed to deliver highly specific content to suit your highly specific needs. For example, have you ever wanted to learn the best way to design a food tour or food tour company"?

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Do you need a speaker for your next conference, or a trainer for an upcoming workshop? We've delivered the food tourism message to 100,000+ professionals in many industries all over the planet. Custom content for your audience's custom needs.

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Master's Program

We are currently developing our industry's most affordable and most practical Master's program in food and beverage tourism, the Master Culinary Travel Professional (MCTP) program, based on our roster of Masterclasses.

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Eat Well Travel Better Podcast

Get ahead with important lessons learned shared by food & beverage tourism industry leaders. We also seek leaders with exceptional stories to appear on future shows.

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Have Fork Will Travel Book

Called the "bible" and "A to Z" of food tourism, it's our industry's most comprehensive handbook for food and beverage tourism. Offered in both print and digital versions. 

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Online Food Travel Summit

Another industry first, our annual online, live summit brings together some of our industry's most experienced professionals to share food and beverage tourism case studies, best practices, and how to's. Save your time and money - it's 100% online. Every April.

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Food Travel Innovation Summit

New for 2018, our Food Travel Innovation Summit is held in London, annually, on the Sunday before the start of World Travel Market (WTM). Ends with the annual FoodTrekking Awards ceremony.

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Regional Events

Many food and beverage tourism topics needs to be explored at the local level. In such situations, a global or online forum just won't work. Regional events are organized by our certified local ambassadors who have their fingers on the pulse of local food tourism issues and needs.

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FoodTrekking Awards

Now in its third year, the FoodTrekking Awards celebrates excellence and innovation in experiences for food and beverage lovers. Winners announced at Food Tourism Innovation Summit in London in early November.

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SevenSpoons Website

Currently in development, SevenSpoons will revolutionize how food lovers everywhere find the right kind of information that suits their interests. We can't say much more right now, but prepare to be wowed.

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Business Accreditation

Currently in development, our Business Accreditation will analyze the Food Lovers' Customer Journey for your business or destination.

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Consumer Campaigns

Three strategic goals relating to food and beverage packaging waste; food and beverage as cross-cultural communication; and the role food-loving travelers play in preserving culinary authenticity.

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Market Research

The Food Travel Monitor is our industry's largest and most comprehensive research of food-loving travelers.

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Strategy & Development

Destinations and governments depend on strategic plans like a roadmap. You need a vision of where you're going and how you will get there.

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Phone Consultation

Sometimes you just need an hour or two of an expert's time. Or maybe you have a bigger project and need the world's leading authority on food & beverage tourism.

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PsychoCulinary Profiling

Not all foodies are the same! Learn about the 13 different profiles and how to be sure you're targeting the right customers or visitors.

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