2018 FoodTrekking Awards

Recognizing Food & Beverage Tourism Excellence


Food and beverage businesses are an important part of the travel experience! If you’re not convinced, ask yourself, could a sudden influx of new visitors fill empty seats in your restaurant, cafe, hotel or tour, all day long? Travelers and consumers alike need to know about your business! 100% of visitors to a destination must eat and drink. They can return home with memories of chain coffee and hamburgers, or with memories of your fantastic local food and drink experiences!

The FoodTrekking Awards were founded by our Association in 2016 to recognize excellence in food and beverage experiences for travelers. Since then, dozens of businesses, destinations and organizations ina variety of categories have been recognized for the fantastic experiences they offer.

Winners receive a beautiful physical award that can be displayed onsite (see picture) to your customers or visitors, recognition on our website (Awards page, Association's News page), as well as social media channels.


Features of the FoodTrekking Awards include:

  • Fourteen representative categories to choose from (or apply in multiple categories)
  • Impartial panel of industry experts as judges
  • Low entry fee (until sponsors help to underwrite the Awards, a small application fee is required to cover program costs)
  • Worldwide recognition


Award winners receive:

  • An attractive color physical world to display to show your achievement to your customers, visitors and stakeholders
  • Acknowledgment on the News page of the World Food Travel Association (indexed by Google and other news services)
  • @mentions of your business name and winning category in the Association's various social media channels

Application Process

  1. Look through the categories to see if one (or more) applies to you and your business. Submit your application by the deadline. APPLICATIONS OPEN NEXT ON JUNE 10, 2018.
  2. Wait as our panel of judges assesses your application to see how well it meets our criteria.
  3. Winners will be announced by the deadline provided.