FoodTrekking Awards

Recognizing excellence and innovation in food and beverage tourism.

Food and beverage businesses are an important part of the travel experience! If you’re not convinced, ask yourself, could a sudden influx of new visitors fill empty seats in your restaurant, cafe, hotel or tour, all day long? Travelers and consumers alike need to know about your business! 100% of visitors to a destination must eat and drink. They can return home with memories of chain coffee and hamburgers, or with memories of your fantastic local food and drink experiences!

The FoodTrekking Awards were founded by our Association in 2015 to recognize excellence and innovation in food and beverage experiences for travelers. Since then, dozens of businesses, destinations and organizations in a variety of categories have been recognized for the fantastic experiences they offer.


Awards are US$110 per entry. Association members save 20-50% depending on membership type (login to Members Area for details).

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What You Need to Know

What are the FoodTrekking Awards?

The FoodTrekking Awards are an annual competition organized by the World Food Travel Association to recognize excellence and innovation in food and beverage tourism.

When do the Awards open?

Starting with the 2019 cycle, the Awards open on March 15, 2019. Applications close May 31, 2019. Short list winners will be notified by September 1, 2019. The Awards Ceremony will take place on Sunday, November 3, 2019 as part of the FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit.

How long have the Awards been running?

With the 2019 cycle, the FoodTrekking Awards will be in their fifth year. It is also worth noting that the World Food Travel Association introduced the Awards in early 2016 as the food tourism industry's first awards, another first for our industry.

Why do the FoodTrekking Awards matter?

The FoodTrekking Awards matter because they are our industry's first, oldest and best recognized awards for excellence in food and beverage tourism. The awards categories were updated at the end of 2018 to ensure that the categories were of greatest relevance to our industry (so we stopped recognizing highly subjective categories like Best Food Destination, in order to focus on more meaningful categories).

Who has won past FoodTrekking Awards?

You can explore past winners from the links on the side of this page.

How do we apply?

Visit the FoodTrekking Awards website and when applications are open, you will be able to enter right there.

Where can I learn more about the awards?

Visit the Awards website, and also read through the Awards FAQs on our support portal.

Who are the judges?

Judges are anonymous and are sourced from our Certified Ambassadors, Board of Advisors and industry partners. We do not accept judges with a potential conflict of interest.

Why were there two rounds of awards in 2018?

2018 was a transition year during which there was an interim awards earlier in the year, as well as the new main awards at the end of the year. Future awards are now on an annual cycle. The Awards were moved to take place in the middle of each calendar year to align the Awards Ceremony with our Food Travel Innovation Summit in London, preceding World Travel Market.