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    Just Released! Ground-Breaking New State of the Food Travel Industry Report see more

    Today the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) released its latest publication for the food and beverage tourism industry, an entirely revamped State of the Food Travel Industry Report, featuring original, ground-breaking research.

    Report Summary

    The 62-page report compiles the opinions, suggestions and comments from 71 food and beverage tourism industry experts from 20 countries. The report looks at the performance of food and beverage tourism providers, and suggests ways they can improve, such as by developing or improving food and drink activities. It also looks at key food tourism issues overall, along with ways our industry can better match traveler expectations. Considerable attention is given to preserving culinary authenticity, and why it is important to educate visitors, offering them a memory and not just a meal.

    Key Takeaways

    Some of the key takeaways from the report include:

    1. Travelers and consumers alike are more obsessed than ever with everything having to do with food and drink. Interest continues to increase thanks largely to the role of social media.
    2. Providing a genuinely authentic product or experience is essential. Visitors are increasingly knowledgeable about, and demanding of, authenticity in food/drink products and experiences.
    3. The need for cultural preservation is urgent, and not limited to cuisine, as other manifestations of culture, such as music, clothing/fashion, architecture and more are threatened by globalization.
    4. Failure to support small food/beverage businesses will result in hastening towards globalization of the so-called “local” experience, thereby completely negating one of the main reasons to travel for food and drink, as destinations are already beginning to resemble each other more and more.
    5. At the same time, residents would benefit from knowing more about the history of iconic culinary products and traditions in their area, and why preserving culinary culture is a tool for economic development. Therefore local residents should be considered an important target market.
    6. The food/drink experiences provided by businesses and destinations often don’t match visitor expectations. Businesses need to understand that they are selling not just a food/beverage product but also an experience. If visitor (customer) expectations are not met, negative word-of-mouth ensues. Know your customer journey and plan accordingly to help prevent that.
    7. The benefits of developing food tourism go well beyond actual tourism. Food tourism is not just about attracting more visitors who generate a positive economic impact with their spending. It can also help protect local heritage by putting the spotlight on local food and drink, conveying a sense of pride to local residents, and even fostering post-trip demand for product exports.


    Get a Free Copy of the Report

    Register for a free copy of the report. The report is another way that the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) leads with firsts for the world’s food and beverage tourism industry.


    About the World Food Travel Association

    The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) and is considered the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism. The Association’s mission is to empower local communities and businesses with the food and beverage tourism knowledge and tools needed to reach new consumers and gain a competitive edge. Each year the Association serves the needs of nearly 100,000+ professionals in over 100 countries.

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    Erik Wolf addresses FoodTreX London November 4 with State of the Food & Beverage Tourism Industry see more

    Erik Wolf, founder of the food tourism industry and of the World Food Travel Association, will kick off the FoodTrex London | Food Travel Innovation Summit on Sunday, November 4, with a preview of findings from the Association's newest State of the Food & Beverage Tourism Report (publication date: January 2019).



    The food tourism industry's founder and Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association will kick things off and set the tone for the Summit. Then he'll bring you up to speed with initial findings from research taking place right now, in anticipation of the Association's 2019 State of the Food & Beverage Travel Industry Report, which will be published in January 2019.  FoodTreX London delegates will benefit by getting a preview and early access to the information, a full two months before its public release.    


    Learn how the food and beverage tourism industry is changing right before your eyes, and what you can do to prepare for the changes happening both right now and next year.

    Speaker: Erik Wolf, Executive Director and Founder, World Food Travel Association

    Session tags: food tourism, industry, trends, data, research, demographics, psychographics, strategy


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    After 1 Year, Eat Well Travel Better Podcast Garnering 100+ Listeners/Month see more

    Our Eat Well, Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel podcast launched in August 2017. Just in the 12 months since launch, we've been fortunate to count over 1200 listeners (100+/month) from all over the world. Our listeners typically come from the food, beverage, travel, hospitality, and media industries.

    We'd like to thank all of our interviewees for taking the time to share their fascinating stories. And we'd like to thank our listeners as well. We appreciate your interest and support. The Association would also like to extend a special thank you to the podcast's co-host Aashi Vel, without whom it would not be the great show it is today.

    A big thank you to our industry for all your support!

    New to our podcast?


    Think you might want to appear on a future show?


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    Webinar April 24: Peering into the Food Tourism Future by Erik Wolf World Food Travel Association see more

    Peering into the Food Tourism Future

    This webinar is session 1 and part of the Online Food Travel Summit.


    Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 09:00-09:45 in Portland (17:00-17:45 in London)

    Unlike all other sessions, this session will NOT be recorded for future playback. There is no charge for this session, but registration is required and space is limited. All other sessions are only US$15 each or get an All Access Pass for greatest savings.

    Erik Wolf, Executive Director
    World Food Travel Association
    Portland, Oregon, USA





    Food tourism industry founder and World Food Travel Association Executive Director Erik Wolf leads this lively session. What can business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, strategists and destinations expect to see in food and beverage tourism over the next 12 months? Some of the Online Food Travel Summit's sessions give a peek into our industry's pressing issues, but there are still plenty of other topics that we need to take into consideration as we develop and promote our food and beverage products and experiences.





    • Discussion of current trends & issues in the food & beverage tourism industry
    • A look at coming considerations for the food & beverage tourism industry



    • Marketing managers and strategists
    • Branding, PR and advertising professionals
    • Destination marketers and governments
    • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
    • Product developers
    • Trainers and educators
    • Bloggers seeking to do more
    • People considering a career change
    • Students forging their career path




    • This Summit includes 9 total sessions that cover best practices, how to's, and case studies, specifically for food and beverage tourism industry professionals.
    • All sessions are delivered in English.
    • You register and attend online like a webinar. No need to travel anywhere. Registrations close April 23. Space is limited for each session.
    • All registered delegates get 1-year access to a recording of each session you've purchased (excluding session 1). Even if your location or schedule mean that the session times are inconvenient for you, you can still access to the content later (although you'll miss the Q&A by not attending live)
    • This Summit is the world's only 100% online food and beverage tourism conference for trade professionals. It's our second major online conference (our first one took place in 2015).
    • Session 1 is offered free. Pricing is very affordable for all other sessions, only US$12 each for members (US$15 for non-members). Choose individual sessions or buy an All Access Pass for greatest savings. Non-members can bundle a new membership and All Access Pass for incredible savings!
    • Destination marketing organizations that are able to help with marketing can earn sponsorship status (no cash required). Get in touch to learn more.


    Also be sure to save the date for our Food Tourism Innovation Summit in London on Sunday, November 4, the day before World Travel Market begins.

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    The World Food Travel Association releases the 2018 State of the Food Tourism Industry Annual Report see more

    This State of the Food Tourism Industry 2018 Annual Report was created to serve as a compass for our industry, all related business sectors and media.

    The report discusses some of the issues and trends that our Association has noticed in the past 12 months. We then look ahead to what we think will make a significant impact on our industry in the next 12 months. Included is a list of the Association's accomplishments for the past year, as well as an insight into our roadmap for 2018.


    The 34-page free report contains the following:








    • North America
    • Latin/Central America & Caribbean
    • Europe
    • Middle East
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Oceania & South Pacific



    Get Your Free Copy Now


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    World Food Travel Association Ambassador in Australia Holly Galbraith quoted in national media see more

    The World Food Travel Association's Ambassador in Australia, Holly Galbraith, was quoted in the October 2018 issue of PubTIC, an independent publication for professionals in the Australian pub industry. Read the full article and what Holly has to say about trends in the Australian pub industry.

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    What we learned at World Travel Market 2016. see more

    By Nicholas Kontis, Huffington Post
    Author, Travel Journalist

    Another year, another World Travel Market. Each November travel industry professionals from around the world converge on to London’s Excel Exhibition Center to acquiesce with industry leaders, including delegates from over 180 nations worldwide.

    What We Learned

    While the global economic overview remains uncertain, with most devolved economies showing sluggish growth at best, and while emerging economies continue to struggle, nonetheless, travel remains strong with an expected record 1.2 billion arrivals in 2016. Travel agents and other sellers of travel ...

    Continue reading the full article ...

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    So you think you know all about food tourism? Are you prepared for our industry's future? see more

    Food tourism has been an organized industry since 2003, when the World Food Travel Association was founded. Fourteen years later, the industry is alive and thriving. We’re seeing many tourism offices, government entities, trade groups and small business owners “doing food tourism”.  However, we’re also seeing something else – evidence that many professionals in our industry think that food tourism is as easy as promoting local ingredients on menus of locally owned restaurants.

    Sure, that’s part of it, but the scope of food tourism is much deeper and farther-reaching. First, food tourism embraces 20 different industries, from tail to table and everything in-between; foodservice is just one of the 20 sectors. Secondly, today’s foodie travelers are not the same consumers as 15 years ago. Your own customers are evolving before your eyes. They’re younger and most importantly, we have proof that not all foodies like the same things. Thirdly, the runaway popularity of primary destinations like Barcelona, Florence and San Francisco means that travelers and food lovers are looking for off the beaten path destinations and experiences much more than ever.

    The entire landscape of our industry has changed, and will continue to do so. What can you expect the food tourism industry to look like in 2025? What future opportunities will there be for you and your business, destination or organization? Hear World Food Travel Association Executive Director and food tourism industry founder Erik Wolf speak about the state of the food tourism industry, Food Tourism 2025 and the future of our industry at FoodTrekking World food tourism trade conference in Portland, Oregon April 2-4.

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    What does the future hold for food? see more

    CatchOn Communications in Hong Kong is proud to present its third annual ‘Future of Food’ trend report. The report explores many of the changes now taking place in the culinary world. Topics covered range from the role of chefs and food waste, to the impact of food bloggers on the culture. The third edition of The Future of Food is the company's way of sharing their interest in the growing global discourse about food and food culture. You can download your copy of the report directly from the company's website here.