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    World Food Travel Association launches Nepal's First Food Tourism Conference see more

    Today, the World Food Travel Association, along with partners in Nepal, announced the launch of the country's first food tourism conference under the name FoodTreX Kathmandu. The FoodTreX brand was created by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA), as the umbrella brand name for the Association’s food and beverage travel trade events. The conference organizer and certified World Food Travel Association Ambassador, Suraj Pradhan reflects on the state of food tourism in Nepal, “Despite having an extensive food and drink culture, Nepal has not been able to tap the immense potential in gastronomic tourism. With facts and figures to back them up, we strongly believe that food is the way to a tourist’s heart.”

    FoodTreX Kathmandu Regional Food Travel Summit will take place on 24, 25, and 26 of May at the Park Village Hotel by KGH Group at Budhanilkantha Kathmandu, 21218 Kathmandu, Nepal. Delegates will enjoy a three-day event full of food-loving activities, face-to-face networking opportunities and inspiration from some of the industry’s leaders. Organizers include Two Tables, the U-Turn Group and Social Tours.

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    Friday May 24 – delegates participate in a curated food tour with Kathmandu Food Trail

    Saturday May 25 – “Meet the Chefs” at the HUB, Thamel, where delegates and local chefs will rub elbows with some of the country’s influential chefs and enjoy a cocktail-style event with an amazing dishes from local producers and made with local ingredients

    Sunday May 26 –  FoodTreX Kathmandu is an all-day conference full of speakers sharing their success stories, presentations and panel discussions from local and international food tourism industry leaders

    The purpose of the FoodTreX Kathmandu is to explore the rapid transformations that have affected the interrelated areas of gastronomy, tourism and society, shaping new forms of destination branding in Nepal. It is an opportunity to network face-to-face with industry trailblazers and counterparts and help further develop food tourism in Nepal.

    Erik Wolf, the WFTA’s founder and Executive Director, expressed his delight, “FoodTreX Kathmandu represents our first formal step into Asia. We’re pleased to be working with our local ambassador Suraj Pradhan and his team to deliver an outstanding first food tourism event for Nepal.”

    The confirmed list of speakers includes:

    Erik Wolf Executive Director, World Food Travel Association

    Dr. Saurabh Kumar Dixit Eastern Hill University (India)

    Karna Shakya Founder, KGH Group of Hotel and Resorts

    Deepak Raj Joshi CEO, Nepal Tourism Board

    Raj Gyawali Founder & Director, Social Tours

    Prashanta Khanal Food Blogger & Restaurateur

    Dr. Aruna Uprety Public Health Specialist

    Bijay Amatya CEO, Kora Tours

    Samita Kapali Co-Founder, Marketing Director, Green Growth

    Sangam Sherpa Founder, Kapan Organic Farm House

    Dr. Huma Bokkhim (PhD) Senior Food Research Officer, Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Nepal

    Sunil Shakya Chairman, PATA – Nepal Chapter, KGH Group of Hotel and Resorts



    The FoodTreX conference series is designed for food, beverage, travel and hospitality professionals, including:

    • Destination marketers and governments
    • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
    • Marketing managers and strategists
    • Branding, PR and advertising professionals
    • Product developers
    • Trainers and educators
    • Bloggers
    • People considering a career change
    • Students forging their career path
    • Any other professionals with an interest in food and beverage tourism

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    The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) and today is recognized as the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism. Each year the Association serves nearly 100,000+ professionals in over 100 countries. The WFTA’s knowledge, tools and training help trade professionals and organizations to leverage their area's food and beverage products and experiences to help create a strong sense of place, which increases visitor arrivals; destination brand equity; and export demand for their area's food and beverage products. Learn more at


    FoodTreX stands for "Food Travel Experience" and is a brand that was introduced by the World Food Travel Association in 2018 to increase the level of quality and innovation in trade events in our industry. The FoodTreX Regional Summits bring discussion of food and beverage tourism issues and trends to stakeholders in local areas. So far, FoodTreX events have been held in the UK, Spain, Greece, Australia and online. FoodTreX Kathmandu is the first FoodTreX event in Asia.



    Media Contact: Suraj Pradhan (+977) 9845075950 hello(at)twotables(dot)com(dot)au

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    World Food Travel Association Ambassador in Nepal Suraj Pradhan see more

    We are pleased to introduce Suraj Pradhan, the World Food Travel Association (WFTA)'s newest certified ambassador. Suraj represents the interests of the WFTA in Nepal, the land of Mount Everest.

    Suraj's interest in the hospitality sector began with his apprenticeship as a chef in 2010 when her arrived in Sydney, Australia. Suraj's passion was encouraged when he was awarded with Tourism Minister’s Student Achiever Award 2010 in Australia. This award gave him the impetus to dream of his nation’s cuisine and food heritage. Following his passion about "root cuisine", Nepalese food, he initiate ‘Let’s talk about Nepalese Food’ 2013 campaign in Sydney and Nepal. He then begin to write about Nepalese food in local newspapers and magazines of Nepal and Sydney and got chance to be monthly Nepalese food speaker in SBS Radio and contribute Nepalese recipes to SBS Food (Australia’s no.1 food network). His recipes have been featured in many cookbooks, recently by the famed US food writer Raghavan Iyer.

    Then Suraj had the idea to use his experience and skills to promote further Nepalese food, which eventually led to the notion to develop and promote food tourism to Nepal. The country's food heritage and food stories are unheard, undiscovered and untold, a perfect recipe for food tourism.

    At the end of 2016, he was part of the One Star House Party team that "conquered" Mount Everest Base Camp with a Pop Up Restaurant led by British Chef James Sharman (ex-Noma) and Tom Aikens. Then in 2017, he finally fulfilled his dream to organize first Nepalese Food Festival in Sydney as Tasting Nepal 2017 and also the first Nepalese Pop Up Dinner in Brisbane. As the director of his company Two Tables, he has planned and organized several gastronomical events and starting food tourism and hospitality consulting company partnering with various stakeholders in Nepal and Australia respectively. 

    We sat down with Suraj to get to know him better.

    WFTA: Tell us what your company does.

    Suraj: We’ve got a bunch of great stories about how our work brings about positive outcomes around communities and what inspire us to kick off this business design. We are a creative and cultural enterprise focused on nurturing the development of individuals, businesses and communities. We achieve outcomes through capacity building, intensive workshops, creating employment opportunities, training, events, marketing, innovation and creativity.

    WFTA: When and how did your interest in food/beverage tourism begin?

    Suraj: I got involved with hospitality sector as apprentice chef in 2010 as I arrived Sydney in 2009 from the land of Mount Everest; Nepal and become passionate about this industry when I received the Tourism Minister’s Student Achiever Award 2010 in Australia. Then, following my passion for food, I thought of my root cuisine and ways to promote it. Meanwhile, I studied food media in Sydney, then gradually taking various jobs in the hospitality industry. Eventually I began to understand the importance of food in tourism, and became determined to establish Nepal as a food hub from means of the food tourism.

    WFTA: What are your top 3 favorite food/beverage destinations and why do you like them?

    This would be most favourite question to me, or all foodies out there. Rather than a particular three places, in generic my favourite three food destinations are:

    1. Europe- In Europe, my favourite are Italian, Spanish and Greek cuisine as these cuisines are influencing the way people around the world think about food. Who doesn’t impressed by Italian way of eating their food with love.

    2. Asia: In Asia, I really want to go Japan to observe how precisely the Japanese prepare their food. Bad eating is really impossible there and being chef, I am watching Japanese cooking influences on the top chefs today. 

    3. Southeast Asia: Really nowadays, cuisines from Southeast Asia, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and Singaporean are attracting me as they are so delicious and have great stories to tell.

    And another favourite destination is my own Nepal’s many parts. I really want to go every corner of the Nepal and search of food stories and find the mysteries.

    WFTA: Why did you join the World Food Travel Association?

    As this organisation is the leading authority of food and travel, it was a great place to come and learn how to become food & travel expert and also how to create economic opportunities for destinations. I'm most excited about the opportunities to collaborate on projects together.

    Thank you Suraj. It's a pleasure to offer you a seat at our table.