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    Association Partner GLP Films and Georgian National Tourism Administration Launch New Video Campaign see more

    Distribution campaign reaches 3.5 million by leveraging custom digital content featuring adventure, culture and culinary experiences in Georgia

    GLP Films, an award-winning content marketing agency specializing in travel trade storytelling, and the Georgia National Tourism Administration, have partnered on a video campaign featuring adventure, culture and culinary experiences in Georgia. The campaign will share a collection of short films and social videos with trade and consumer markets, including travel agents, tour operators, and leading travel media. The campaign launched on November 1, with incredible support from the travel industry in Georgia and global media partners, and 3.5 million video views to date.


    Georgia: Adventure for the Soul from GLP Films on Vimeo.

    Georgia, a small yet poignant country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is nestled between the mountainous Caucasus region and the Black Sea. With stunning natural landscapes across various micro-climates, ancient fortress towns steeped in rich tradition, and a hip, modern capital hub, Georgia’s ethnically diverse population of over 10 million are marking the map as an absolute must-go location for the ultimate thrilling adventure, cultural experience, and gourmand’s dream—everywhere a departure and destination for discovery.

    “Our goal for this video campaign is to share the inspiring stories and emotions of the travel experience in Georgia,” explains Mr. George Chogovadze, Head of Georgian National Tourism Administration. “Georgia is proud of our unique cultural heritage and hospitality, and excited to share this new content with the world.”

    “GLP’s unique lens of storytelling is a great fit to help uncover the compelling stories woven into Georgia’s rich history and culture,” explains Laura Knudson, Marketing Director for GLP Films. “The heart of Georgia is its people, and based on early success of the campaign, it seems that consumer and trade audiences agree that you can’t help but fall in love with Georgia.”  

    Adventure comes in many forms in Georgia - from the incredibly friendly people, fascinating culture, the rugged Caucasus Mountains that reach over 5,000 meters, and the rich wine and culinary experiences.

    • Adventure - The Georgian Caucasus Mountains have been luring the adventurous to their untamed rivers, scaleable canyon walls, and monastery-topped summits for generations. Today, it's these same pristine landscapes that are putting Georgia on the map as the world's next must-visit adventure destination. Adventures in Georgia include hiking, trekking, mountaineering, biking, rafting, birding, and a long list of national parks and protected areas.
    • Culture -  Located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia is rich in human history dating back approximately 1.8 million years. Three cultural monuments are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Svaneti region - home to quaint villages and medieval stone watchtowers that look out over the incredible Caucasus Mountains. Georgians are known as one of the friendliest nations, with their saying that a “guest is a gift from God.”  Don’t be surprised if you are invited into a local’s home for a traditional Supra, better known as a feast.
    • Culinary - Nothing tells you more about the spirit and culture of a country than its cuisine. Winemaking has been practiced in Georgia for over 8,000 years. Dambal khacho, a rare sort of Georgian cheese has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage. Georgian national dishes are amongst the best in the world for their diversity and taste. Each historical province of the country has its own distinct culinary tradition that was refining for centuries.


    Georgia: Feast of the Senses from GLP Films on Vimeo.

    Visit here for more information about travel experiences in Georgia and to leverage the full suite of free video content to support Georgia’s marketing efforts .  

    About GLP Films

    Founded in 2008, GLP Films is an award-winning content marketing agency dedicated to authentic storytelling and content marketing for the travel and sustainability industry.  To date, GLP Films has produced and distributed 200+ videos from 35+ countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and North America. GLP Films is committed to working with the best travel brands to elevate the industry through strategic marketing, authentic storytelling, and leadership in sustainability.  We believe authentic storytelling has the power to transform industries, change conversations, and help brands communicate their core vision and positive impact. GLP Films partners with global organizations to produce custom content that supports their content marketing, branding, and distribution needs, while also protecting local cultures, livelihoods, and the natural environment.  Learn more here. GLP Films is a strategic partner with the World Food Travel Association, and won the 2018 FoodTrekking Award in the "Best Local Storytelling in a Food or Beverage Experience" category.

    About Georgia National Tourism Administration

    Georgian National Tourism Administration is a government authority under the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. GNTA is responsible for development, promotion and maintenance of Georgia’s unique tourism experiences. The mission of Georgian National Tourism Administration is to ensure sustainable tourism development through positioning Georgia as a unique travel destination on the international tourist map, improving visitor experience and maximizing their expenditures to significantly contribute to the national economy by effective cooperation with strategic partners. Learn more about Georgia’s travel experiences.

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    Is virtual reality (VR) the "next step" in the future of your business? Can you imagine immersing individuals into a unique and unforgettable 360° experience based on your food & beverage service? At FoodTrex London | Food Travel Innovation Summit on Sunday, November 4, come hear from an industry expert who has been innovating on the relationship between VR and food/beverage tourism.


    Crowded airports and tourist centres, skyrocketing costs, threats of terrorism and disease or mobility challenges mean that not everyone is able to travel to your up-and-coming food/drink destination or business. And that's OK. In this lively session, Benjamin Atlani, CEO of Semply Digital VR consulting firm based in France, will show us current and coming technologies that bring the destination - and the experience - to the food or drink lover, regardless of their background or experience. Learn about virtual reality (VR) and food/beverage tourism and how you can cater to a wider variety of individuals and groups in your own business or destination.


    If using virtual reality as a sales or marketing tool is of interest to your business or destination, then this session is a must.

    Speaker: Benjamin Atlani, Co-Founder and CEO, Semply Digital, and Co-Founder and CEO, WideWebVR, France

    Session tags: food and beverage travel, virtual reality, VR, technology, sales, marketing, disabled, destination marketing


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    Chile's program helps to protect indigenous food cultures in its Los Lagos region see more

    This just in from our Ambassador-in-Training in Chile, Dalma Díaz Pinto:

    In March 2017, Dalma asked for the World Food Travel Association's support for a project called "Ambassadors of the Coastal Edge of the Region of the Lakes". This initiative spearheaded by Chile's Bordemar Foundation was designed to help protect the local area's cultural and gastronomic heritage, and also to highlight the important role in promoting local traditions by the women fishermen of Los Lagos, a beautiful regional tourist destination at the northern edge of Patagonia. Now, a year later, the project is complete, and the result is impressive.

    You can watch the four documentaries as follows (in Spanish with English subtitles):

    Cristina Nempu, Caleta San Pedro. Purranque, Province of Osorno

    Rosita Romero, Quenuir. Maullín, Province of Llanquihue

    Gladys Barría. Chepu, Ancud. Province of Chiloé

    Irene Subiabre and Fresia González. Caleta El Manzano. Hualaihué. Province of Palena

    The project was financed by 2% Culture 2017 fund from the Los Lagos (Chile) regional government.

    The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) supports every destination that seeks to preserve and promote its culinary heritage. Research that our Association has conducted over the years continues to prove that authenticity is the number one motivator for visitors to choose one destination over another. Working with the indigenous peoples of a region is one of the most authentic ways to develop and promote a local culinary culture.

    We applaud Dalma and her region for having the foresight to take the initiative and also the commitment to bring this project to fruition. Congratulations!

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    The World Food Travel Association shows the power of food to create positive memories. see more

    No matter where we travel, foodies make positive memories of our food and drink experiences. Word-of-mouth promotion is the most effective and least expensive kind, and it's something we'll be talking about at FoodTrekking World taking place April 2-4 in Portland, Oregon. But don't take our word for it about word-of-mouth. Danielle, Jackie and Erik share their "food found" stories.

    DANIELLE IN CHIANTI One of the best meals I had in Italy was at a restaurant in Chianti. We had spent 3 months living in Italy and one meal stood out as a cherished memory. My parents had come to visit my husband Ryan and I, and we planned a biking trip to explore the area more. After biking at least 15 miles (22 km) of rolling hills and of course making a stop for wine tasting, we had arrived for lunch tired and hungry. It was off the beaten path and the type of restaurant that your average tourist would pass by without even a second thought. In fact, a tourist probably never would even be in that area. Yet it was magical, to be with family, enjoying the fresh Tuscan air and being a world away from the crowds. I think we were the only tourist customers there but you could tell it was just an average place and day to the people there. That's what made the connection deeper. They were not trying to be anything else, just themselves. Danielle works for Joy Works Marketing and is a registered delegate for 2017 FoodTrekking World in Portland.

    JACKIE IN SEATTLE Seattle Washington restaurant owner Ethan Stowell has a cool hot spot for tasty food and cocktails called Bar Cotto. It’s a perfect place for happy hour. After my interview with Stowell, a small group of food photographers and I sampled fresh cured meats, pizza and a chocolate mint ice cream cookie with warm chocolate sauce. We were instantly hooked. Every food lover would be impressed with the creative and diverse use of ingredients such as rosemary, citrus and chili with olives, Yum! This spot is a perfect find because they don't serve standard happy hour food. I was also impressed with the staff and ambiance. Stowell also owns several other diverse eating spots throughout Seattle. Jackie is a writer and photographer (that's her photo pictured here). See more at Jackie Sharpe Images.


    ERIK IN SINGAPORE It was a 15-hour flight from San Francisco via Hong Kong. I can't remember exactly what time I got to my hotel in Singapore, but it was daytime. I was dead tired, but couldn't sleep so I walked over to the shopping center near my hotel. Inside I found a Cold Storage, which is an everyday grocery store in Singapore. Two and a half hours later I emerged with bags in hand. I was fascinated and literally spent hours going up and down the aisles looking at all the different and unusual products. The produce section where I discovered durian fruit and dragonfruit was great fun. People think foodies only care about restaurants and wineries. Those are important parts of the food tourism experience for sure, but so are things like the everyday grocery store frequented by locals. I've never forgotten my first day in Asia at the Singaporean grocery store. Erik serves as the Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association.


    THE POWER OF FOOD MEMORIES What are your Food Memories? Learn more about the Power of Food Memories and content marketing from speaker Benjamin Brown at FoodTrekking World. "Content" has quickly risen to dominate the marketing landscape, allowing leaders across industries to grow their followings, while building trust at the same time. Attendees will learn key takeaways to quickly maximize their content strategy, from cross-channel messaging to virtual reality integration and everything in between. Benjamin serves as Content Strategy Lead for Princess Cruises and Carnival Corporation. Ben has developed and consulted on content for 300+ restaurants, tour operators, tourism boards and hospitality brands across 35 countries.

    FoodTrekking World is a biennial convention for the food and beverage tourism industry, and is produced by the World Food Travel Association. The next FoodTrekking World takes place April 2-4, 2017 in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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    How effective is your brand story? see more

    Gabi Logan is a travel journalist and author of The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map: A Step-by-Step Guide to Pitching Your Way to Better Pay. Through regular features and columns in trade and consumer publications, from USA Today and The Dallas Morning News to Group Travel Leader and Corporate and Incentive Travel, Gabi highlights small businesses and travel experiences that transmit a sense of place to the visitor through powerful interpretation, storytelling, and local connections. In addition to her journalism, Gabi is the founder of Dream of Travel Writing, a company that offers products and services that help travel writers grow their income, product better stories, and spread the power of transformative travel, and the Rosewood Writing Retreat Center, a year-round workshop and residency space for writers and other creative entrepreneurs in the Catskill Mountains. At FoodTrekking World, Gabi will be speaking about brand storytelling. We spoke with Gabi briefly before FoodTrekking World to hear her story. Watch the interview here.

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    Do you have a content strategy for your business? see more

    Meet Benjamin Brown, Content Lead for Princess Cruises. At the upcoming FoodTrekking World conference, Benjamin will be delivering a keynote speech entitled "What is your food tourism content strategy?" We meet Benjamin briefly in this video interview where he shares a nugget about his upcoming speech, as well as details about the one vice he plans to give into on his trip to Portland! Time is running out to register for maximum savings. Avoid any possible prices increases on March 1. Learn more and register today.

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    Great food photos can help steer customers your way. see more

    Surely you have heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Great photography is essential for the food and beverage business. We see with our eyes and a juicy burger well styled and photographed using the correct lighting works wonders to drive traffic right into your door. Looking at a poor image makes one think, "hmm, probably not good," or it was just slapped together in the kitchen without any love or care. Given that we are in the social media age of posting photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it is even more important to make sure the photo captures what makes customers want to pay you a visit. Plating, background and how food is styled can give you that extra something over your competition.

    I recently came across a wonderful article in part, referencing a restaurant located in a holiday destination area which attracts non-English speakers and how the photos speak more clearly as to what the customer will receive.

    By Jackie Sharpe, owner of Jackie Sharpe Images. Jackie is a food stylist and food photographer. Content marketing and storytelling can be part of the story you tell with your food photos. Both content marketing and brand storytelling will be discussed at FoodTrekking World, taking place in Portland, April 2-4, 2017.