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    Just Released! Podcast Episode 16: Chantal Cooke - Stop Listening to Other People see more

    Just released! Our latest episode #16 of Eat Well Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel Podcast, featuring Chantal Cooke.

    In this episode, join us as we speak with Chantal Cooke, publisher of Passion for the Planet, and a noted influencer on the subjects of sustainability, and vegetarian and vegan travel. She hosts the Passion for the Planet website and online radio station. Chantal shares with us her thoughts on how and why food-loving travelers are changing their diets and why she thinks you should stop listening to the advice of others.


    In this episode you'll learn:

    • How the food tourism industry is behind the times, and why you are missing an important opportunity
    • Why more people than ever are looking for meat-free dishes
    • How traditions move on (and rightly so)
    • How vegetarian food can also please meat-eaters
    • Why restaurant and hotel chefs are actually being prevented by their owners from innovating with vegetarian and vegan cuisine
    • Why we should stop listening to others and start listening more to ourselves



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    New! Eat Well Travel Better Podcast Episode 12: Tung Do - Just Do It see more

    Just released! Eat Well, Travel Better podcast episode 12.

    Tung Do is a Vietnamese-American whose family escaped to the US at the end of the Vietnam war in 1975 and settled in Texas. After spending 10 years as a securities trader, Tung returned to Vietnam in 2009 to do charity work just for one year. He fell in love with the country and decided to stay, eventually starting 4 different businesses there. The most successful business Tung runs in Vietnam is called XO Tours. An award-winning Vietnam tour company which offers unique city and food tours on scooters in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An. Tung shares with us a number of valuable insights, not the least of which is to "Just Do It" - start your business even if you are scared and have no experience.

    Tung shares with us a number of valuable insights, not the least of which is to "Just Do It" - start your business even if you are scared or have no experience. You can listen to the podcast here:

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    New Podcast | Episode 9: Jon Simon - The Lost Art of the Phone Call | World Food Travel Association see more

    Just released! Episode 9 of the Association's Eat Well, Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel podcast, featuring Jon Simon. Jon is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Pieminister, a small group of restaurants and cafes in southern and western United Kingdom, focused on serving the savoury pie, which everyone in the UK and Commonwealth knows all too well. Recently Jon co-founded Good Sixty, an online platform which brings together the best of the best, of food retailers and artisan producers, allowing people to either buy local groceries or amazing produce from across the UK and have it delivered to their door. Jon talks about what he learned from the time he co-founded Pieminister, and how he's applying that to his new business ventures.

    In this episode you'll learn:

    1. Why it's important to find and then share the stories about the area as well as the products and the people
    2. What goes into an area's "signature dish"
    3. How to motivate yourself to get started on a food tourism project of your own
    4. The destination marketing opportunity today for secondary and tertiary destinations
    5. Think about and develop unexpected food & beverage experiences
    6. The three things that make food travel memorable

    Resources mentioned in this episode:

    Tools of Titans (book)


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    NEW! Podcast Episode 8: Amanda Niode - Making Food Travel Memorable see more

    Just released! Episode 8 of the Association's Eat Well, Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel podcast, featuring Amanda Niode. Amanda Niode is an internationally renowned environmental and climate change educator and communicator. Her work background is varied, handling environmental specialties and climate change for Indonesian government agencies, multinational corporations, consulting companies, academic institutions, civil societies and international organizations. Amanda was appointed as a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, outside Boston in the United States, and she has also lived in the United States. Amanda also serves as an Ambassador of the World Food Travel Association in Indonesia.

    In this episode you'll learn:

    1. Why it's important to find and then share the stories about the area as well as the products and the people
    2. What goes into an area's "signature dish"
    3. How to motivate yourself to get started on a food tourism project of your own
    4. The destination marketing opportunity today for secondary and tertiary destinations
    5. Think about and develop unexpected food & beverage experiences
    6. The three things that make food travel memorable

    Resources mentioned in this episode:

    Trailing the Taste of Gorontalo (book)
    Omar Niode Foundation
    Will Write for Food (book) 


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    Webinar April 24: Peering into the Food Tourism Future by Erik Wolf World Food Travel Association see more

    Peering into the Food Tourism Future

    This webinar is session 1 and part of the Online Food Travel Summit.


    Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 09:00-09:45 in Portland (17:00-17:45 in London)

    Unlike all other sessions, this session will NOT be recorded for future playback. There is no charge for this session, but registration is required and space is limited. All other sessions are only US$15 each or get an All Access Pass for greatest savings.

    Erik Wolf, Executive Director
    World Food Travel Association
    Portland, Oregon, USA





    Food tourism industry founder and World Food Travel Association Executive Director Erik Wolf leads this lively session. What can business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, strategists and destinations expect to see in food and beverage tourism over the next 12 months? Some of the Online Food Travel Summit's sessions give a peek into our industry's pressing issues, but there are still plenty of other topics that we need to take into consideration as we develop and promote our food and beverage products and experiences.





    • Discussion of current trends & issues in the food & beverage tourism industry
    • A look at coming considerations for the food & beverage tourism industry



    • Marketing managers and strategists
    • Branding, PR and advertising professionals
    • Destination marketers and governments
    • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
    • Product developers
    • Trainers and educators
    • Bloggers seeking to do more
    • People considering a career change
    • Students forging their career path




    • This Summit includes 9 total sessions that cover best practices, how to's, and case studies, specifically for food and beverage tourism industry professionals.
    • All sessions are delivered in English.
    • You register and attend online like a webinar. No need to travel anywhere. Registrations close April 23. Space is limited for each session.
    • All registered delegates get 1-year access to a recording of each session you've purchased (excluding session 1). Even if your location or schedule mean that the session times are inconvenient for you, you can still access to the content later (although you'll miss the Q&A by not attending live)
    • This Summit is the world's only 100% online food and beverage tourism conference for trade professionals. It's our second major online conference (our first one took place in 2015).
    • Session 1 is offered free. Pricing is very affordable for all other sessions, only US$12 each for members (US$15 for non-members). Choose individual sessions or buy an All Access Pass for greatest savings. Non-members can bundle a new membership and All Access Pass for incredible savings!
    • Destination marketing organizations that are able to help with marketing can earn sponsorship status (no cash required). Get in touch to learn more.


    Also be sure to save the date for our Food Tourism Innovation Summit in London on Sunday, November 4, the day before World Travel Market begins.

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    World's First Report on Food Tourism *In* Italy Announced see more

    The world's first report on food tourism *in* Italy has just been announced. The new report was presented by Roberta Garibaldi (University of Bergamo, World Food Travel Association) to the public during an event in Milan on January 23. During the event she presented main findings and future trends of this visitor segment from Italy.  The report was launched at the beginning of "The Year of Italian Food.” 

    Thirty percent (30%) of Italian travelers can be defined as food tourists, or tourists for whom food or drink activities were a prime motivator in choosing a destination. Gastronomy has thus become a key element on holiday, influencing (outbound) Italian traveler destination choices.

    This fact demonstrates one of the key findings of "First Report on Food Tourism in Italy,” research that outlines trends in this rapidly growing tourism segment both in Italy and the world. The research combines quantitative and qualitative analysis and contains detailed information on Italian travelers attitudes towards gastronomy, an overview of related offerings through regions, opinions from international experts and best practices of food tourism from all over the world. 

    Roberta Garibaldi, the author of the report, is a researcher, consultant and professor of food tourism. She also serves on the Board of Advisors for the World Food Travel Association. She also produced the Italy supplement for the Association's 2016 Food Travel Monitor, which researched *outbound* food travelers from Italy.

    The report includes contributions of operators TheFork and Seminario Veronelli, as well as international experts, who included, among others, Anne-Mette Hjalager (University of Southern Denmark, editor in chief Journal of Gastronomy and Tourism), Carlos Fernandes (Instituto Politecnico de Viana do Castelo, Portogallo), Matthew J. Stone (University of California, Chico, USA) and Erik Wolf (World Food Travel Association).

    The report was sponsored by the Italian Touring Club, Federculture, and Qualivita Foundation.

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    Food Tourism session at London's World Travel Market 2017 see more


    In case you missed the food tourism session at World Travel Market (WTM) in November, you can now watch it on YouTube, thanks to our partners at WTM who recorded the full session. That's right, the full 2-hour session is now online. There is really a lot of good information in there, so if you wanted to attend and couldn't make it, this should more than make up for it. Enjoy!



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    Purchase Culinary Tourism Certification course by December 31, get 1 hour consultation free see more

    You read that correctly. If you purchase your Certified Culinary Travel Professional (CCTP) program by midnight (US/Canada Pacific Time) December 31, you will also receive at no extra cost, a full one-hour consultation (a US$200 value) with our Executive Director and food tourism industry founder Erik Wolf. Use the hour to discuss anything you wish - your career, your business, or questions about the course. It's your hour to discuss whatever you want. We can also record the call and provide the recording to you (no extra cost). Members and Ambassadors please log in to your Members Area for your discount code.


    Learn More or Buy Now

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    So you think you know all about food tourism? Are you prepared for our industry's future? see more

    Food tourism has been an organized industry since 2003, when the World Food Travel Association was founded. Fourteen years later, the industry is alive and thriving. We’re seeing many tourism offices, government entities, trade groups and small business owners “doing food tourism”.  However, we’re also seeing something else – evidence that many professionals in our industry think that food tourism is as easy as promoting local ingredients on menus of locally owned restaurants.

    Sure, that’s part of it, but the scope of food tourism is much deeper and farther-reaching. First, food tourism embraces 20 different industries, from tail to table and everything in-between; foodservice is just one of the 20 sectors. Secondly, today’s foodie travelers are not the same consumers as 15 years ago. Your own customers are evolving before your eyes. They’re younger and most importantly, we have proof that not all foodies like the same things. Thirdly, the runaway popularity of primary destinations like Barcelona, Florence and San Francisco means that travelers and food lovers are looking for off the beaten path destinations and experiences much more than ever.

    The entire landscape of our industry has changed, and will continue to do so. What can you expect the food tourism industry to look like in 2025? What future opportunities will there be for you and your business, destination or organization? Hear World Food Travel Association Executive Director and food tourism industry founder Erik Wolf speak about the state of the food tourism industry, Food Tourism 2025 and the future of our industry at FoodTrekking World food tourism trade conference in Portland, Oregon April 2-4.

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    The World Food Travel Association shows the power of food to create positive memories. see more

    No matter where we travel, foodies make positive memories of our food and drink experiences. Word-of-mouth promotion is the most effective and least expensive kind, and it's something we'll be talking about at FoodTrekking World taking place April 2-4 in Portland, Oregon. But don't take our word for it about word-of-mouth. Danielle, Jackie and Erik share their "food found" stories.

    DANIELLE IN CHIANTI One of the best meals I had in Italy was at a restaurant in Chianti. We had spent 3 months living in Italy and one meal stood out as a cherished memory. My parents had come to visit my husband Ryan and I, and we planned a biking trip to explore the area more. After biking at least 15 miles (22 km) of rolling hills and of course making a stop for wine tasting, we had arrived for lunch tired and hungry. It was off the beaten path and the type of restaurant that your average tourist would pass by without even a second thought. In fact, a tourist probably never would even be in that area. Yet it was magical, to be with family, enjoying the fresh Tuscan air and being a world away from the crowds. I think we were the only tourist customers there but you could tell it was just an average place and day to the people there. That's what made the connection deeper. They were not trying to be anything else, just themselves. Danielle works for Joy Works Marketing and is a registered delegate for 2017 FoodTrekking World in Portland.

    JACKIE IN SEATTLE Seattle Washington restaurant owner Ethan Stowell has a cool hot spot for tasty food and cocktails called Bar Cotto. It’s a perfect place for happy hour. After my interview with Stowell, a small group of food photographers and I sampled fresh cured meats, pizza and a chocolate mint ice cream cookie with warm chocolate sauce. We were instantly hooked. Every food lover would be impressed with the creative and diverse use of ingredients such as rosemary, citrus and chili with olives, Yum! This spot is a perfect find because they don't serve standard happy hour food. I was also impressed with the staff and ambiance. Stowell also owns several other diverse eating spots throughout Seattle. Jackie is a writer and photographer (that's her photo pictured here). See more at Jackie Sharpe Images.


    ERIK IN SINGAPORE It was a 15-hour flight from San Francisco via Hong Kong. I can't remember exactly what time I got to my hotel in Singapore, but it was daytime. I was dead tired, but couldn't sleep so I walked over to the shopping center near my hotel. Inside I found a Cold Storage, which is an everyday grocery store in Singapore. Two and a half hours later I emerged with bags in hand. I was fascinated and literally spent hours going up and down the aisles looking at all the different and unusual products. The produce section where I discovered durian fruit and dragonfruit was great fun. People think foodies only care about restaurants and wineries. Those are important parts of the food tourism experience for sure, but so are things like the everyday grocery store frequented by locals. I've never forgotten my first day in Asia at the Singaporean grocery store. Erik serves as the Executive Director of the World Food Travel Association.


    THE POWER OF FOOD MEMORIES What are your Food Memories? Learn more about the Power of Food Memories and content marketing from speaker Benjamin Brown at FoodTrekking World. "Content" has quickly risen to dominate the marketing landscape, allowing leaders across industries to grow their followings, while building trust at the same time. Attendees will learn key takeaways to quickly maximize their content strategy, from cross-channel messaging to virtual reality integration and everything in between. Benjamin serves as Content Strategy Lead for Princess Cruises and Carnival Corporation. Ben has developed and consulted on content for 300+ restaurants, tour operators, tourism boards and hospitality brands across 35 countries.

    FoodTrekking World is a biennial convention for the food and beverage tourism industry, and is produced by the World Food Travel Association. The next FoodTrekking World takes place April 2-4, 2017 in Portland, Oregon, USA.