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We founded the food tourism industry, and we've been behind every single innovation in our industry ever since.

We continue to lead our industry around the world with thought leadership in various ways, from insightful and thought-provoking articles and commentary, to cutting-edge products, and advancing our industry through student internships and giving back.

Articles & Commentary

We publish regularly about articles that affect various aspects of the food and beverage travel industry. Apart from opinion and editorial (Op/Ed), we also publish the annual State of the Food Tourism Industry report.

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Voice to the Media

Over the years, we've worked with all types of journalists pretty much everywhere in the world. Whether it's an interview, a quotation, research or fact-checking, we've been there for media since the beginning of our industry in 2001.

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Student Internships

We offer a limited number of internships for students in our industry. Internships are usually conducted virtually so there is no need to travel to our location. This helps us work with students all around the globe. The types of internships we offer include project management, event marketing, product development, and research/ analysis. While the internships we offer are unpaid, you will typically work with our Executive Director and industry founder directly, invaluable experience that you cannot put a price tag on. We believe the best investment in society is through education, which is why we give so much attention to our student interns and their career development.

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Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

Our industry's first and only such code. We set the tone for professionalism and integrity in the food and beverage tourism industry. If any community member or partner violates our trust, they are asked to leave our community. It's that simple. Members can download a copy of the Code in the Members Area once you are logged in.


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Association & Industry News

We maintain our industry's most comprehensive resource of news and information affecting you and your business. Once logged in, members can post their news free of charge.

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Food Tourism 2025

Our Food Tourism 2025 Initiative is a program that brings together the food/beverage travel trade and food-loving consumers to work together to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. These issues comprise three major causes that our Association supports.

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