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Share the Benefits of Food Tourism with Your Members, Constituents or Community

Do You Need a Speaker or Workshop Trainer?

Are you looking for a speaker for your next conference, or perhaps a trainer for an upcoming workshop? Look no further. My name is Erik Wolf, and I founded the food tourism industry with the publication of the industry's first whitepaper about the value and potential of food tourism. Since that date back in 2001, I've had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to nearly 100,000 professionals from a variety of industries, all over the planet.

Many clients ask for me personally to come and speak to their group. The speeches are usually about what's new in food/ beverage tourism how to benefit from investing in food/ beverage tourism, or sometimes it is to facilitate a workshop. We also have a vetted network of experts in other subject areas. No matter your need, we've got you covered.

The majority of our audience actually is not based in the USA and we understand the importance of adjusting the message to suit audiences in all locations, both inside and outside the USA, and in both English and non-English speaking countries. We draw on examples showcasing best practices, from a wide variety of sources (we can all learn from each other, right?). We're also happy to work your required messaging into the presentation. Working through an interpreter? That's easy for us. We're accustomed to adjusting content and cadence to suit the requirements of both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters.

Sample Topics

Speeches and sessions are customized to your needs. Here are some examples of some of our more recent presentations:

  • Crafting a Sense of Place with Food & Drink. Topics include the terroir of food and all drinks, culture, authenticity, community engagement
  • Millennials and Food & Beverage Tourism. Topics include how younger food-lovers embrace food/drink while traveling, and demographics and psychographics of younger food-loving travelers
  • Food and Beverage Tourism: The Hidden Harvest. An introductory session for communities new to food and beverage tourism and the benefits it can offer.
  • Content Strategy in Food & Beverage Tourism. Topics include how to develop website and social media content that food lovers will respond well to.
  • State of the Food Travel Industry. Inspired by research from our Association's most recent State of the Food Travel Industry report, topics include learnings from the report and the implications and opportunities for industry professionals today. 
  • Grow Your Business with the Magic of Food Tourism. Topics include specific tactics that businesses can be doing to benefit more from reaching food lovers who travel


Hire us to speak or train at  your next event and you and your constituents will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Bring the food tourism industry founder right to your constituents
  • Ask the food tourism industry founder pointed, direct questions onsite
  • During the course of a conference, your constituents can interact with the food tourism industry founder (perfect for areas where people are shy to ask questions publicly)
  • Leverage our network of industry experts well-versed in working at the crossroads of their subject matter and food/ beverage tourism

See Erik in Action

Erik Wolf delivering the keynote speech at the FoodWorx 2013 conference

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Listen to Erik's presentation and watch him emcee at World Travel Market 2017


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