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Research and data are the foundation of solid decisions for your business, but such information relating to food and beverage tourism is not easy to find. Apart from research organized by the World Food Travel Association, there have been only a few other studies, usually with proprietary or geographic-specific findings.  We have taken steps to establish the World Food Travel Association as the world's leader in providing food and beverage tourism research and data. Our current products are below, and more are in the works.


Food Travel Monitor

Our 2016 Food Travel Monitor is the industry's most comprehensive survey ever conducted on food and beverage tourism. Nearly 3000 respondents from 11 countries were surveyed in this report published in June 2016.


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Destination Assessments

We're in the process of creating a new series of special reports in our "Taste of a Destination" series. This series is cutting edge, taking into consideration visitors' food and beverage experience assessment, perception analysis, area economic impact and much more. Reports are custom-created and are perfect the perfect foundation on which to create sustainable and profitable projects for destination marketing organizations, governments, trade groups and investors.


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Business Assessments

How do visitors (and even locals) experience your area's food and beverage products and businesses? Wouldn't it be helpful to have the evidence-based research, especially before creating a food or beverage strategy for your destination?


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Destination PsychoCulinary Profiling

Our Association pioneered PsychoCulinary profiling with its 2010 research study. Our PsychoCulinary research has been refined and updated with each subsequent study. PsychoCulinary research was founded on the fact that not all foodies are alike, and we all experience food and beverage differently. For example, some people may seek out Michelin star experiences, while others are happy at a local food truck. Marketing to the wrong kind of food travelers is a waste of money and time. What kind of food or beverage destination are you? We can help you find out.


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"Quality research on food and beverage tourism is hard to come by. Over the years, the Association has delivered consistent and high quality food and beverage tourism research that has been indispensable to our work in events and communications at Eat Spain up!. The Association also successfully conveys a global and multicultural understanding in all of its projects, which we appreciate, since we’re not located in the USA."

~ Gloria Rodriguez, Director,  Cómete España - Eat Spain up!

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