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Our Certification (Certified Culinary Travel Professional, or CCTP) program is our industry's oldest and best respected training for anyone wanting to become an expert in culinary tourism/ food tourism/ beverage tourism. The program was founded in 2008 and has gone through regular updates to keep content fresh and relevant.

All training for our Professional Certification program takes place online here in our online community. Unlimited email questions are included with the course. While you go at your own pace, the course must be completed within 60 days of signup.

Our Professional Certification (CCTP) program is perfect for any professional looking for a career change, a recent student graduate or anyone who really wants to be recognized as an expert on food and beverage tourism.




Features of the Professional Certification (CCTP) program include:

  • Online learning platform - go at your own pace
  • Online knowledge test (must pass with at least 70% correct answers, time unlimited, open book OK)



Once you complete the course, you should be able to:

  • Speak articulately about food tourism, including the differences between food tourism, gourmet tourism, agritourism, wine tourism and similar nomenclatures
  • Understand the food tourism industry fully so you can write a business plan or sway stakeholders about the value of food and beverage tourism
  • Get ideas for new partnerships you might never have expected
  • Discover exactly the right audiences to market to by understanding who food travelers are
  • Create products with more appeal by understanding food traveler preferences & motivations
  • Uncover hidden opportunities and important caveats by learning about current industry trends
  • Get ideas for your own unique business situation from best-in-class case studies and examples


Enjoy the following additional benefits once you complete your Professional Certification (CCTP):

  • CCTP logo (as pictured above) customized with your name and suitable for use on your website or in your brochures
  • Include "CCTP" (and/or your own logo) in your online profile in our community so others can see your accomplishment
  • CCTP diploma suitable for framing
  • Show your credentials by using "CCTP" after your surname, much like how people use MA or PhD



"The Association’s Certified Culinary Travel Professional program helped tremendously in my understanding of the food tourism industry and how to develop food tourism in destinations. I'm using the knowledge I gained to raise awareness about food tourism in Indonesia. I rely heavily on the Association and its networks to ensure that I am on the right track."

~ Amanda Niode, Omar Niode Foundation, Jakarta, Indonesia


After completing the first unit of the CCTP program, I am convinced people should be lining up for this well thought out program. Impressive!

Ana Kinkaid, Food & Travel Writer, Seattle, Washington, USA.




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