Host or Product a Local FoodTreX Event

If you or your area wish to host a FoodTreX Event

Many people have asked us how they can produce or host a local FoodTreX event in your area. There is some work involved, and it can be quite your worthwhile if you are willing to do what it takes.

Regional Summits. First, only Regional Food Travel Summits are eligible to be produced locally. The FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit is our flagship global event and is held only in London. Our FoodTreX Global | Online Food Travel Summit is our only online event. All other FoodTreX events are Regional Food Travel Sumits. And only Regional Summits are open to be licensed for production.

Local Ambassadors. We license our events to be produced only by Certified Ambassadors of our Association. If you are not yet a Certified Ambassador, you'll first need to join as a regular member. Then we can talk about what it would be like to work with you to produce a local FoodTreX event. Meet our current Certified Ambassadors.

Destination Bids. We're sorry but we do not put events out to bid, nor do we attend fam (familiarization) tours. We do not accept unsolicited proposals from hotels, meeting venues or tourism offices. You must work through one of our area ambassadors. If there is no ambassador in your area, consider joining yourself, or nominating someone to join and represent your interests within the Association.