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The World Food Travel Association was founded in 2003. Since then, we've built a solid community of 50,000+ professionals in the food, beverage, travel, hospitality, media, academic and supplier industries. This is what we call our "food tourism industry cluster". All of these people share a common interest to develop & promote unique and memorable food and beverage experiences and products. You can find our community members on our LinkedIn page and in our Food & Drink Tourism group, Facebook page and FoodTrekkers consumers group, Instagram and Twitter followers, and of course, our 23,000 newsletter subscribers. Now we're taking steps to bring together all of our followers and supporters into once centralized location: our World Food Travel Association online community.

Busy professionals in our cluster need a place where we can congregate, explore and network with others. LinkedIn is the world's business rolodex and doesn't meet our industry's needs.  Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are consumer-oriented, and drooling over food porn just isn't a substitute for quality B2B networking. Googling for contacts is unreliable, often yielding outdated contact information and old news stories.

Professionals join for our education, research, networking, discussions and events. Our "membership" is a little different than what you might expect with other organizations. Food and beverage tourism education is our cornerstone; we are not a trade association and we don't lobby government entities. We excel at helping you and your business succeed with our education, research and networking tools, quality industry events, and our supportive community.

Food & beverage tourism benefits more than the obvious places like hotels, tours and restaurants. It also benefits tasting rooms, food/ drink retail stores, food/ drink events, food manufacturers and much more. Even if you think you might not fit within the food tourism industry, think again. The math is simple: more visitors or customers = more sales + more jobs + more tax revenue + greater financial stability.

What are you waiting for? Join our community to get your "slice of the pie" and start doing more with the food & beverage tourism community today!


Membership Benefits

We offer one individual trade membership plan (Silver) and 2 types of business plans (platinum). Ambassador level membership (gold) is an invitation only upgrade for active Silver members who are identified as active representatives of our Association in their local area.





Benefits include:



  • Share your news on our news blog
  • Post event or tour in our public online calendar
  • Promote your offers/discounts in our newsletter
  • Featured as new member call-out in our newsletter
  • Promote your offers/discounts in your member profile
  • Annual association membership logo for your marketing use
  • Media leads & introductions
  • Trade social media likes/follows with the Association



  • Public, searchable online profile
  • Secure member to member messaging
  • Curated online discussions
  • Your company logo/hyperlink on Association home page Supporters area
  • Annual FoodTrekking Awards entry (business memberships only)
  • Official Association business card (Ambassadors only)
  • Localized Association brochure in your language (Ambassadors only)



  • Education savings (20% off normal prices for our conferences, webinars, Masterclasses, Certification)
  • Free Masterclasses and 50% off other educational products (Ambassadors only)



  • Food Tourism Fitness Report (business/destination memberships only)



Clear Growth Path

Join as a Silver member and over time, you could grow into a role with greater responsibility and visibility. If you're active and engaged you may earn an invitation to upgrade to Certified Ambassador level at no extra cost to you. We provide full training to our Ambassadors and Advisors. The benefits increases with each increasing level of participation.

If you want to grow personally and professionally, we're here for you. What are you waiting for? Join today!

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Check out our FAQ first. If you don't see the answer to your question, open a support ticket from the same page.