Media Professionals

We've been doing what we do for nearly 20 years.

For Accredited Media

We have a long history of working with media professionals from outlets of all sizes. We can help in several ways:

  • Recent press releases (search the "media" and "news" tags on the News page)
  • Request for quotations or interview with Association Executive Director Erik Wolf
  • Current industry data
  • Fact checking
  • Trends
  • Introductions to resources (business owners, destination marketers, etc.) for interviews

How can we help you? Our contact options are to the right. When you write, please advise if you are on deadline. If your request is urgent, please call us on (+1) 503-213-3700 and leave a voicemail after the message.

Media We Have Worked With

Below are just a few of the major media outlets with whom we have worked, around the world:

Arirang Korea
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
CNN/Turner Broadcasting
SKY News
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal

And many, many more writers, bloggers, photographers and videographers, magazines, guidebooks, podcasts, radio shows, television shows, all of whom covered some aspect of food and beverage tourism. How can we help you?