Masterclass Series

Single classes on food travel topics or take several and earn a Master's.

We've created a series of Masterclasses to train professionals on specific skills or subject areas, specifically as they relate to food and beverage tourism. Our Masterclasses are delivered 100% online and have been custom designed to meet the needs of professionals like you. 

A single Masterclass is a self-contained module about a specific subject and is suitable for anyone interested in that subject matter. Multiple Masterclasses, comprised of both core and elective modules, are the foundation of our new Master Culinary Travel Professional (or MCTP) program. The MCTP program grew out of our original Certified Culinary Travel Professional (or CCTP) program, which was overhauled in 2018 to meet our industry’s current and future education and training needs. The Master’s program is now available through our website and also through special licensing arrangements with certain academic institutions around the world.

Masterclass Features

Each Masterclass includes:

  • Narrations are in English language (US and UK accents)
  • Closed captions to read the narrated words with the audio (captions can be turned off)
  • High-resolution video presentation, with easy pause, fast forward and rewind buttons
  • Go directly to any narrated word or phrase with full-text search
  • Comprehension test at end to see if you remember the most important points
  • Thirty (30) day calendar access (view as many times as you wish during this time)

Classes are offered below as they are ready. Additional Masterclasses are in production. Details will be posted here when each new class is released. Video durations below are timed without pausing. Test durations below assume a native English speaker (add a little extra time depending on your comfort level with English). Faculty consultation (i.e. Questions & Answers) is only included for MCTP students.

Core Classes

Masterclass #1: Food Tourism Introduction & Opportunities

What you'll learn today:

  1. History of the Food Tourism Industry
  2. Definitions and Terms Used in Food Tourism
  3. Economic Impact of Food Travelers
  4. Benefits for Stakeholders in Food & Beverage Tourism

Video Duration: 58 minutes
Test Duration:  < 20 minutes

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Masterclass #2: Understanding the Food & Beverage Tourism Industry

What you'll learn today:

Scope of Food & Beverage Tourism Businesses

Food & Beverage Tourism Best Business Practices

Video Duration:  58 minutes
Test Duration:  < 20 minutes

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Masterclass #3: Understanding Food & Beverage Loving Travelers


What you'll learn today:

Demographics of Food & Beverage-Loving Travelers

Psychographics of Food & Beverage-Loving Travelers

PsychoCulinary Profiling & How it Helps Finetune Marketing

Food-Loving Traveler Decision-Making

Video Duration:  45 minutes
Test Duration:  < 20 minutes

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Elective Classes

Other Masterclasses are in production. If you have an idea for a Masterclass you would like to see, please submit a support ticket and let us know.

Masterclass #4: Becoming a Successful Culinary Tourist Guide

What you'll learn today:

What Makes Food and/or Beverage (F&B) Tours Special

Food/Beverage Tour Design & Planning

How to Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations

Problems & How to Solve Them on Food & Beverage Tours

Video Duration: 45 minutes
Test Duration:  < 20 minutes


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Masterclass #6: Honing the Foodservice Experience for Visitors

What you'll learn today:

Foodservice Role in Tourism

Optimizing the Food Lover's Customer Journey Process

How Dining is Evolving

Developing Appropriate Foodservice Products for Visitors

How Marketing to Food Lovers Has Evolved

Video Duration: 53 minutes
Test Duration:  < 20 minutes

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