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Our Master Culinary Travel Professional (MCTP) program is the next iteration of our Association's comprehensive training in food and beverage tourism. The MCTP is based on 10 years of education and training pioneered by our Association under our original Certified Culinary Travel Professional program, the world's first and best respected  training in food and beverage tourism.

Our MCTP program is designed to meet the needs and learning goals of today's learners - people just like you. Other food tourism training available today is either just a small part of a larger course, does not provide sufficient depth of knowledge, or is typically very expensive. Few people have the time or extra money to justify longer, more expensive training. You want high-quality food and beverage tourism education delivered quickly and efficiently. That is what the MCTP provides.

Our goal is to provide you with the best quality food and beverage tourism training that is comprehensive enough and customized to your needs, so that you are much better prepared to succeed with your career or business goals. And doing so at a tremendous value to you. And most importantly, all of this can be done from the comfort of your own computer, webcam and microphone. You don't need to travel anywhere. You don't need to pay room and board. You don't need to go through a time-consuming or expensive application process.

So what is stopping you?

How It Works

The MCTP is a robust program that is comprised of the following elements:

  • Our three core Masterclasses, plus two additional elective Masterclasses (100% online)
  • High-resolution PDF handouts for each of the 5 Masterclasses you choose
  • Each Masterclass requires a comprehension exam with a passing score of 70% or higher (also online)
  • Printed copy of our Have Fork, Will Travel Handbook airmailed to your preferred address anywhere in the world (you pay customs duties, sorry, we cannot provide a digital copy due to our publisher's restrictions)
  • Access to online training materials for one full calendar year.
  • Writing a research paper or article on a subject of interest (minimum length 2500 words). If you are not comfortable writing in English, you may write in your own language. We have faculty advisors who speak many languages but if we do not speak your language, we will use a tool such as Google Translate to read your paper/ article written in your own language. You will receive detailed feedback on your paper and can discuss it with your faculty advisor as well
  • Unlimited audio or video conference calls with your faculty advisor during your program (explore any path - academia, business, NGO - your choice)
  • For the final paper, you can write a business plan instead - perfect if you plan on starting (or improving) your own business.

  • Your initial MCTP certification lasts one year.  To maintain your certification, all graduates are required to enroll in and successfully pass the exam for, one additional Specialty Masterclass each year (choose from the list below, more will be added soon, there are no additional recertification fees except for the enrollment fee for the Masterclass you choose. You will receive an updated MCTP logo each year that matches your certification level/progress.

What Else You Get

  • Access to our industry's most current food and beverage tourism information
  • Customized learning with your faculty advisor based on your own interests and needs (i.e. no two people follow exactly the same path)
  • Up to one year worth of follow-up calls (maximum 6 hours) after you graduate
  • After you graduate, article published about you on our news page (you provide article, we will edit and post), plus sharing on all our social media properties
  • Listing with your photo and biography on a new MCTP graduates page on our website (page is not yet live)
  • Graduation diploma
  • Use of the "MCTP" designation after your surname (such as how people use PhD)