How We Help Students & Researchers

We've been doing what we do for nearly 20 years.

Students and researchers have very specific needs. Sometimes research pursuits align with the needs of industry (the trade), but often such research does not.  This results in what is called the unflattering term "academic bubble." Your needs are not wrong, they are just very different from the rest of the food tourism industry. We understand that, which is why our products and services below are designed to assist with your academic and research endeavors. We're here to help!


We offer a limited number of scholarships each year tho those in need, which includes students, but also the recently unemployed, the homeless, those with different abilities and so on. Scholarships are offered to attend our events, as well as for our Masterclasses.

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New for 2019! As part of our FoodTreX London | Food Travel Innovation Summit, we are planning on offering an academic track to give researchers like you the opportunity to present your research in the proper forum. Please check the FoodTreX London web page for updates when more information becomes available.









We offer internships on a rolling basis throughout the year.  All internships offered are virtual, i.e. you work remotely. The subject matter of the internship can vary, and is decided jointly by your supervisor at the Association, as well as the intern and the intern's university advisor.

Interns are required to focus on a specific project on which you work a certain number of hours each week, and to have a weekly conference call with their Association supervisor. Internships are unpaid, but you don't have any travel or unusual living expenses with a virtual internship. And our students have told us time after time that the volume of knowledge they get in an internship with the World Food Travel Association is worth its weight in gold! 

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Not all entrepreneurs and small business owners seek education, but often, a little education can be a big help in your Professional Development path. From topic-specific Masterclasses to our Master Culinary Travel Professional (MCTP) program or our industry handbook covering a range of topics. Explore whatever sounds of interest.


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We "wrote the book" on food and beverage tourism - literally. 70+ authors from 2 dozen countries covering every food/beverage tourism topic imaginable. Written in everyday language, not academic-speak.






Conference & Event Partners

Just a few of our past and/or current conference and event partners include(d):

1st Conference on Gastronomy & Wines (Porto, Portugal)
Cape Food & Wine Tourism Conference (Cape Town, South Africa)
Congreso Turismo Enogastronomico (Bilbao, Spain)
Eat Spain Up
Go West Summit
International Meetings & Incentives Conference (Santorini, Greece)
Matlandet Konferensen (Sweden)
National Wine Marketing Conference (USA)
Northwest Foodservice Show
Tennessee Tourism Roundtable
TTRA’s Marketing Outlook Forum
World Travel Market