FoodTreX Regional Summits

Bringing Food Travel Knowledge To You

Our FoodTreX Regional| Food Travel Summits bring FoodTreX to you.

FoodTreX regionals can be held anywhere in the world. Currently, we have licensed FoodTreX events to take place in Pamplona Spain; and Thessaloniki Greece. We held one in 2018 in Sydney, Australia, as well as Thessaloniki, Greece. We're currently in discussion to hold events in Singapore and Kathmandu as well.

FoodTreX Regional events focus on topics, issues, successes and challenges at the local and regional level. They can be held in any language.

FoodTreX Regional events are produced exclusively by Certified Ambassadors of our Association. if you're interested in producing a FoodTreX Regional Summit in your area, you'll need to join first as a regular member and contact us to inform us of your interest to upgrade to Ambassador level.

Destinations interested in hosting an event in your area will need to find or nominate an area Ambassador first who we can work with. Events are licensed to our local ambassadors who produce the event directly, under our guidance and brand guidelines (we produce no regional summits directy by ourselves).

FoodTreX Regional Summits are not recorded so be sure to register to attend live in person and benefit from in-person networking and camaraderie. The best business relationships are always nurtured in person.