FoodTreX Global

Online Food Travel Summit

The FoodTreX Global | Online Food Travel Summit is our Association's premier annual online event. 

The next FoodTreX Global will take place over two days, Wednesday and Thursday, April 17-18, 2019.

Held annually usually in April or early May, this is our industry's premier online conference. Not all professionals today have the time or financial resources to be able to travel to the far reaches of the planet to attend an in-person food travel industry conference. Another industry first, our Online Food Travel Summit brings together some of our industry's most experienced professionals to share food and beverage tourism case studies, best practices, and how to's.  Save your time and money - it's 100% online. 

The FoodTreX Global event is always held online, and always at the same time every year. Attendees are primarily professionals in the food, beverage, travel and hospitality industries, however media professionals and academics/researchers also find FoodTreX Global of interest. A lot of entrepreneurs and smaller business owners attend FoodTreX Global because of the tremendous cost savings.

Our FoodTreX Global | Online Food Travel Summit is the only conference we record. No other events are recorded.

Past Online Summit recordings are not shared publicly, but if you were unable to attend, you can purchase access to the online summit recordings.