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Market Research, Strategy & Development

We founded the food travel industry back in 2001. It stands to reason that since then, we have amassed a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience for almost every scenario imaginable. We can help you with industry-leading market research and segmentation tools, food travel strategy, and product development. Just need answers to a few questions? We can help with that too. Choose from the options below to be taken to product pages with much more detailed information.

Market Research

Since 2007, we have produced four major research studies, continuing to build our industry's profile and understanding of food travelers, food lovers, and their behaviors. Our latest Food Travel Monitor was published in June 2016. It is our industry's largest and most comprehensive study ever conducted of food-loving travelers. It includes analysis of 11 major markets representing 48% of Earth's food-loving populations. The next research is due to be released in 2020.

The 2016 Food Travel Monitor is the largest food and beverage tourism research study ever conducted anywhere in the world.

The next Food Travel Monitor is slated to be published in January 2020.

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Annual State of the Industry Report

This State of the Food Tourism Industry annual report is as a compass for the food and beverage tourism industry, as well as related business sectors and the media. The report issues and trends that our Association has noticed in the past 12 months. We then look ahead to what we think will make a significant impact on our industry in the next 12 months.

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Strategy & Development

Destinations and governments depend on strategic plans like a roadmap. You need a vision of where you're going and how you will get there. Food tourism strategy and product development work is not like other tourism development strategies. Food lovers have very specific needs and very specific ways they'll accept information. And every destination is different. Some areas are bless with bountiful food and beverage products and experiences, while others are fledgling. We all start somewhere. Insight and analyses are areas where we excel. Our Strategy and Development work can also include our PsychoCulinary Profiling (see below). How can we help put your destination or business "on the food lover's map"?

Want an Action Plan with your Strategy? We're happy to include one.

The top reasons why destinations and governments hire us to create a food/beverage tourism strategy:

  • Impartiality. We see things you don't.
  • Third Party. We say things you can't.
  • Expertise. We founded the food tourism industry and are behind all the major firsts in our industry.
  • Specialization. We're not a big consulting firm trying to "do food tourism too". Food & beverage tourism is all we do: it's our specialty.
  • Authority. With the World Food Travel Association brand behind our work, your stakeholders will know you mean business.

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PsychoCulinary Profiling

Has this ever happened to you: a friend went to a new restaurant and raved about it, while you went and didn't understand why they loved it so much? That's PsychoCulinary profiling. It helps marketers understand who to market to, how to market to, and how to develop the right products for, the food and beverage lovers who are going to love best what you have to offer. PsychoCulinary Profiling is available as a standalone analytical tool for specific destinations, or as part of a larger Strategy & Development project.

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Book a Strategy Call

Sometimes you just need an hour or two of an expert's time. You might have just a few questions you need help with, or your budget may not allow for a formal Strategy & Development project. We can still help. Book time as needed, in 1-hour increments.

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