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Look no further than to the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism, the World Food Travel Association, when it comes to your Professional Development needs.  Our World Food Travel University offers the world's greatest variety and highest quality food tourism education and training. We focus on practical application, with tangible, real world examples.  Choose from the Professional Development options below to be directed to specific product pages with more detailed information.


Masterclasses are short courses designed to deliver highly specific content at your own pace. For example, have you ever wanted to learn the best way to design a food tour or run a food tour company"? Each class lasts just under an hour and includes an online knowledge comprehension quiz. English subtitles make it easier for those whose native language is not English.

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Master's Program

We are currently developing our industry's most affordable and most practical Master's program in food and beverage tourism, the Master Culinary Travel Professional (MCTP) program, based on our roster of Masterclasses. The MCTP program will replace the existing Certified Culinary Travel Professional (CCTP) program (past CCTP graduates, not to worry, your certificates remain valid). Save thousands of $/€/£ over formal education programs from expensive universities. We are classified as an educational institution and education is our core competency.

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Do you need a keynote address, inspirational speech or detailed workshop? Over the past nearly 20 years, we've met the training needs of hundreds of industry clients, ranging from tourism offices, governments, major corporations and even smaller local and regional businesses. We are adept at delivering the most impactful message, tailored for your audience's specific needs. And the best part, training is highly affordable.

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Eat Well Travel Better Podcast

We created the world's first podcast series on the business of food travel. With each episode, we meet food tourism industry leaders and examine their secrets of success. We reveal the obstacles and challenges they faced, along with their solutions and triumphs, and give you ideas and inspirations for the same business issues you're facing. Learn from the most accomplished business leaders in the food and beverage tourism industry. We publish new episodes monthly, and are always looking for industry professionals with an interesting story to share.

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Have Fork Will Travel Book

Called the "bible" and "A to Z" of food tourism, it's our industry's most comprehensive handbook for food and beverage tourism. Both print and digital versions available. Sold directly by

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