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Look no further than to the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism, the World Food Travel Association, when it comes to your community and networking needs. Choose from the options below to be taken to product pages with much more detailed information.


We offer a secure online platform where professionals in our industry can network with each other, and where consumers can come to validate your business, your activities, and your membership in the Association. Affordable memberships offer you tremendous opportunities with visibility for you and your business, education discounts, project collaboration, career center, partner discounts and much more.

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Ambassadorship is an enhanced form of membership, with more responsibility and more visibility. Ambassadorship is invitation only and offered to silver level members who demonstrate extraordinary commitment to our Association and our industry. Ambassadors pay no extra fees beyond regular membership dues, yet are entitled to many more valuable benefits. Ambassadorship is also a stepping stone to the Association's Board of Advisors and Board of Directors.

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Thought Leadership

We're the driving force behind our industry's firsts. We identify pains and needs in our industry, and then design solutions for those problems for industry professionals like you, all around the world. Our thought leadership includes our insightful and thought-provoking articles and commentary, cutting-edge products, and advancing our industry through student internships and giving back. If you have an idea of something you'd like to see us work on, then please get in touch.

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We accomplish much of our work through the Association's committees. Members and ambassadors in good standing are invited to participate in any of the following committees:


Education & Research Develops new products relating to education and research.
Member Experience Oversees member benefits and all changes relating to the member experience.
Events & Activities Develops events and activities at events, and helps to execute those activities.

Marketing & Promotions

Develops strategies and executes tactics relating to marketing promotions.
Finance & Partnerships Members of our Board of Advisors and Board of Directors (only) are invited to join this Committee.