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Who better to bring awareness of food and beverage tourism than the World Food Travel Association? We pioneered our industry's first awards and are behind some of our industry's most innovative campaigns. Choose from the options below to be taken to product pages with much more detailed information.

FoodTrekking Awards

Now in its third year, the FoodTrekking Awards is our industry's first and most comprehensive recognition of excellence and innovation in experiences for food and beverage lovers. New for 2019, the timing of the FoodTrekking Awards has been adjusted to align with our Food Tourism Innovation Summit, which takes place on the Sunday before the start of World Travel Market (WTM). The FoodTrekking Awards ceremony takes place at the end of the day of our Innovation Summit.

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Food Tourism 2025 & Consumer Campaigns

As part of our Association's commitment to excellence and innovation in food and beverage tourism, we have adopted three strategic goals for our Food Tourism 2025 Initiative. These goals relate to reducing food and beverage packaging waste; gastrodiplomacy (food and beverage as cross-cultural communication); and the role food-loving travelers play in preserving culinary authenticity.

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Food or Drink Business Experience Accreditation

We at the Association are often heard saying, "It's a memory and not a meal," in reference to foodservice experiences. Unfortunately, that concept is all too often either not understood or forgotten when serving food and beverages to visitors.  The food and beverage you offer are an important, if not the most important, part of your business and the products you sell. But again, it's not just a meal; you should be serving a memory. We analyze the complete food and beverage experience assessment, in other words, the Food-Lover Customer Journey, 

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