Food Tourism Fitness

Is Your Business or Destination Food Tourism Fit?

Is your business or destination Food Tourism Fit?

Research shows that 93% of travelers now seek unique and memorable food and drink experiences. (Source: 2016 Food Travel Monitor)  "Food tourism" connotes different things to different people. For some, it's the Michelin star restaurants (actually, only about 18% of all food lovers prefer gourmet options first). For others, it's food trucks. Still for others, it's farm visits or an agriturismo in Italy. Each of those is part of what we call "food tourism" but our industry is so much bigger than that! Not sure what we mean by "food tourism"? Learn more here.

Simply promoting gourmet restaurants and food festivals, or offering a restaurant list featuring 100+ world cuisines, are limited in appeal. Did you know that there are 13 different kinds of food lover "personalities"? Not everone seeks gourmet products and experiences, just like not everone seeks a food truck experience. You want to be sure that you're reaching the right kinds of food lovers, don't you? 

Reaching food lovers can be lucrative for everone: businesses, destinations and groups. Even if you run a single restaurant or cafe, wouldn't you want to fill empty tables on slow days with travelers to your area? As a destination, don't you want to attract more visitors in low season? And as a group, don't your members want innovative ways to find more customers? The Food Tourism Fitness report helps you do all these and more.

Our new Food Tourism Fitness report is designed to help every bustiness type to benchmark what they're doing well and highlight areas in need of improvement. It is an exclusive benefit of Platinum business membership. That's right - you get the report plus a full business membership for a year! No extra costs or fees. It's all included. And it's not a one-time report: you get an updated report each year to track your progress!

Read below to learn more about the Report and everything included.

Ask Yourself ...

  • What if you knew how your business or destination compared on the world stage? How would you use this kind of information?
  • What if you could tap into the experience and knowledge of the world's leading authority on food tourism and experts from the world's food tourism industry?
  • What if you had a fresh and different analysis that you could weave into your annual strategic plan?
  • What if you had the foundation for a solid roadmap to show your finance department, investors, board of directors, government officials, members and staff?

The Food Tourism Fitness report helps with all of these and more. 

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Why Food Tourism Fitness Matters

Promoting unique and memorable food and drink products and experiences is all well and good. Consumers love food (just look at Instagram and Pinterest). Yet more than any other product or attraction, food and drink can really drive new customers for your business and new visitors to your destination. Think about it: everyone eats and drinks. That is 100% of local residents, and 100% of visitors to a destination. What better product could you promote? It's in your best interest to get it right. You're probably already doing a lot of things right, and congratulations on that! But what else could you be doing? What are other bushiness or destinations in your competitive set doing? We help you take your business, destination or group to the next level by leveraging our vast treasure chest of experience that we've been honing over the past 20 years!

How the Food Tourism Fitness Report Helps Businesses

  • Attract new customers (both locals and visitors)
  • Increase customer sales
  • Drive export demand for your area's food and beverage products

How the Food Tourism Fitness Report Helps Destinations

  • Attract new visitors and members
  • Increase tax revenue; increase member revenue
  • Build an area's brand equity
  • The Food Tourism Fitness report for destinations is designed for city-size destinations. For larger areas (i.e. regions, states/provinces or countries, please consider our Destination Assessment product instead)

The Food Tourism Fitness report can help you to achieve these goals and more. Reaching food travelers (and food-loving local residents) can be lucrative.

What You Get: The Details

Your Food Tourism Fitness report will be approximately 20-pages with actionable intelligence, insights and your unique call-to-action recommendations in several major areas, featuring both quantitative and qualitative analysis.  Our expert analysts measure and weigh a variety of information (see below). The report is delivered in PDF format and suitable for sharing with your stakeholders such as a board of directors, investors, business partners, members, etc.

The report also includes your Food Tourism Fitness Index, a unique and straightforward numeric score that helps you to understand your performance this year and compare it with future years. 

Specifically, the Food Tourism Fitness report is a mix of product analysis and experience analysis:

Product Analysis

  • Competitive Comparison
  • Product Analysis & Recommendations
  • And for destinations only, we add a Destination Food Tourism Cycle Assessment

Experience Analysis

  • Customer/Visitor Overview
  • Customer/Visitor PsychoCulinary(tm) Profile
  • Pre-Trip Analysis (also relevant for single businesses because we're talking about finding you new customers)
  • On-Trip Analysis (relevant for local customers whose "on-trip" experience can simply be visiting your business)
  • Post-Trip Analysis
  • Experience Analysis & Recommendations

Benchmarking Your Performance With Our Industry

The Food Tourism Fitness Report is a mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis. In addition to the recommendations, you'll also receive a numeric score. Your overall score is one way to measure your progress from year to year.

Starting with your second year of membership (and your second annual Food Tourism Fitness report), we'll be able to benchmark your industry standing with other businesses in your category. You'll be able to see trends and your year-over-year progress. You'll have evidence of how your business is improving in and where you need to focus your efforts in the next year. The Food Tourism Fitness report helps you to identify these critical areas.

How Does This Work?

Purchase the Food Tourism Fitness Report. Choose Business or City Destination. For larger destinations, consider our Destination Assessment instead (please inquire by email.)
Complete the online questionnaire. You can save your work and come back later, but remember, the faster you get your answers to us, the sooner we can begin our work!
Sit back and wait for the magic to happen. You can expect your full report within approximately two weeks after you submit your answers to the questionnaire.

Why Trust Us?

Why should you trust the World Food Travel Association with your mission-critical analysis? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Our current Executive Director founded the food tourism industry in 2001 and is considered the world's foremost expert on food and beverage tourism.
  • Since then, our team has worked with more than 300 clients around the world.  That is a tremendous amount of food tourism experience, and a highly diverse toolbox of examples, ideas, strategies, products, best practices and data to draw on for your specific needs.
  • We specialize in food and beverage tourism, unlike consulting firms, universities and developmental agencies which are more generalist in nature.
  • We have been the first to release every major advance in our industry (regional & world conferences, training, individual certification, books, research, podcast & more).
  • We developed PsychoCulinary profiling, which explains differences in behavior of food lovers (your friend loves the new restaurant that just opened and you hate it but how do you explain your difference of opinion? PsychoCulinary profiling does exactly that).
  • We are the industry's #1 resource when it comes to food tourism data, facts, resources and quotes.
  • We are the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism.

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