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Registered in the USA as an educational institution (501 (c) 3 classification), education has always been our primary focus, and we have been the leading driver of our industry's development ever since we founded the food tourism industry in 2001. With our every step, we prove to stakeholders that we continue to be the world's leader in food and beverage education and training. Our educational products are now all packaged under the World Food Travel University brand.

You have a choice when it comes to education in food and beverage tourism. You could spend a lot of money and time on a fancy program, or you can align with us, the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism. Get a great education, and save your time and money. How can we help you?


Masterclass Series

Our Masterclass series is designed to bring you training in specific subjects relating to food and beverage tourism. Choose the affordably-priced classes that suit you a la carte, like from a menu. Take 3 or more classes and upgrade to our Professional Certification (below) for more benefit for you professionally and for your business.

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Individual Certification

Get your Professional Certification over a weekend. Learn all about food travel, what it can do for you, case studies, best practices and more. All training is online and you go at your own pace. Just a couple of the benefits are that you can use the CCTP logo customized with your name in your marketing, and display your diploma in your office.

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Have Fork Will Travel Book

Called the "bible of food tourism" by our industry. A magnum opus with contributions from 73 industry experts from 24 countries. The book gives readers 542 pages organized in nearly 50 chapters that cover every subject imaginable, from farms and markets, to cooking schools and tour operations, to destination marketing, government and economic development concerns and so much more. An electronic version is also available.

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Speeches & Workshops

If your business, organization or destination is looking for a speaker or workshop trainer on the subject of food tourism, then look no further. Food tourism industry founder and Association Executive Director Erik Wolf is the world's foremost authority on food tourism. Looking for something different or a specialty subject? We've got you covered there too.


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Academic Accreditation

Now that our industry is approaching 20 years in age, there are a lot of organizations that profess to offer full academic degrees in food or beverage tourism. The truth is, the available programs are inconsistent, scattered, and largely unfocused. We are working with a team of academic experts to professionalize how food and beverage tourism is both taught and learned.

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