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"Eat Well, Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel" is the world's first and only podcast devoted to the business of food and beverage travel.

Podcast co-hosts Erik Wolf and Aashi Vel help you become a better industry professional by gaining inspiration from some of the world's most successful people in the food and beverage tourism industry.

With each episode, we meet these leaders and examine their secrets of success. We reveal the obstacles and challenges they have faced, along with their solutions and triumphs, and give you ideas and inspirations for many of the same business issues that you may be facing as well.

The podcast focuses on the person being interviewed; a remarkable thing they’ve done, achieved or experienced; and what that experience taught them. Discussion of what they do (their product or service) or their company is minimal.

Our Eat Well, Travel Better: The Business of Food Travel podcast launched in August 2017. In the 12 months since launch, we've had over 1200 listeners (100/month) from all over the world. Our listeners come from the food, beverage, travel, hospitality, and media industries. 

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Episode 16: Stop Listening to Other People

In this episode #16 of Eat Well Travel Better, join us as we speak with Chantal Cooke, a noted influencer on the subjects of sustainability, and vegetarian and vegan travel. She hosts the Passion for the Planet website and online radio station. Chantal shares with us her thoughts on how and why food-loving travelers are changing their diets and why she thinks you should stop listening to the advice of others.



Discussed in this episode:


Chantal's company:

Passion for the Planet

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How the food tourism industry is behind the times, and why you are missing an important opportunity
  • Why more people than ever are looking for meat-free dishes
  • How traditions move on (and rightly so)
  • How vegetarian food can also please meat-eaters
  • Why restaurant and hotel chefs are actually being prevented by their owners from innovating with vegetarian and vegan cuisine
  • Why we should stop listening to others and start listening more to ourselves

Episode 15: Halal Isn't Just About Religion

In this episode, Halal food and travel expert Javier Albarracin, based in Barcelona, talks about Halal travel and how it's not a trend, but it's the preference of 1.6 billion consumers around the world. He shares why Halal isn't just about religious preferences and why it is an important concept to understand by foodservice professionals. He also recounts his views on how food and drink can be used to build bridges between disparate cultures.



Discussed in this episode:


Javier's company:

Barcelona Halal Services

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How people take their own behaviors and preferences with them when they travel.
  • Why special diets are here to stay. The preference for Halal is growing quickly, even among non-Muslims.
  • Halal isn't just about religious preferences, it's also a way to guarantee the origin of foods and protect food safety
  • Why it's so hard to reproduce a taste of place after you've traveled home from the place
  • How gastronomy and music are two universal languages
  • How gastronomy can build bridges

Episode 14: Cultivating a Sense of Community

In this episode, tourism development consultant Alison Burgh talks with us about the importance of cultivating a sense of community, why creating a unique and memorable experience is a critical part of getting food tourism right, and why you can't worry about doing what is expected of you. She cites examples in Jamaica and Belize to illustrate her points.

Discussed in this episode:


Alison's company

In this episode you'll learn:

  • Why developing a sense of community is critical in food tourism
  • Why creating a unique and memorable experience is a critical part of getting food tourism right
  • Why you can't worry about doing what is expected of you - just follow your heart

Episode 13: Instagram is not a Panacea

Amber and Eric Hoffman are a married couple who are also bloggers living in Girona, Spain in the Province of Catalonia. After extensive careers in law and advertising, Amber and Eric said goodbye to corporate life to travel the world in search of the best culinary destinations and experiences. 70+ countries and six years later, they are still going strong providing tips and recommendations on where to eat and what to eat around the world. They authored The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna, the only English language comprehensive food and wine travel guidebook to that region of Italy. Their second book, the Food Traveler’s Guide to the Costa Brava Spain will be out shortly. In this episode, Eric and Amber draw on their extensive experience with food and travel and share, among other valuable insights, why Instagram is not a panacea.

Discussed in this episode:


Their blog

Their company

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How being an entrepreneur is a job: you have to take it seriously
  • Why you need to have savings built up before you launch out on your own
  • How "no" is a big motivator
  • Why Instagram isn't the panacea everyone thinks it is
  • How secondary and tertiary destinations can help solve the overtourism problem
  • How to get professional quality photos and videos without spending a lot

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