Destination Assessments

How does your destination measure up?



Our custom Destination Assessments are a new kind of report that is part strategy, part economic impact assessment, part experience assessment, and part positioning analysis. It is a rock-solid foundation and roadmap for your current and future food and beverage tourism development.

The style of report and content it contains were developed in response to inquiries from destination marketing organizations, governments, trade groups and investors, all looking for something faster and less expensive to produce, and  more useful, than a traditional food and beverage tourism destination strategy.

The Destination Assessment focuses uniquely on your destination. We drill down deep and uncover key issues that can help or hinder your food and beverage tourism development. We look at your food and beverage assets, related industries, visitor perception and more, and present you with an informed, thoughtful analysis that will serve as your foundation for further work.


Features of the Destination Assessments include:

  • Seven major areas of analysis performed on-site in your destination
  • Tremendous foundation and experience (we founded the industry) and impartiality from the world's leading authority on food and beverage tourism
  • Action items and success measures to help you succeed
  • Final report in PDF format (a presentation to your stakeholders is optional)
  • Content 100% customized to your destination



Our full Destination Assessment takes about one week of work onsite plus time to process the findings and write the report.  Use our Destination Assessments to:

  • Identify key strengthsweaknesses and opportunities for food and beverage tourism in your area
  • Identify supportive partners and co-funders from other complementary sectors
  • Design a road map to develop food and beverage tourism in your area Justify investment of time and money to stakeholders to develop this cluster
  • Benefit from the economic opportunity of food and beverage tourism
  • Qualify for funding opportunities to develop and promote food and beverage tourism to your area
  • Share as a manifesto with stakeholders to secure their involvement and/or investment
  • Professional, high-quality research and analysis for a fraction of the cost of the big firms
  • Evidence-based recommendations, not theoretical academic discourse
  • Pre-trip, on trip and post-trip analysis