Culinary Tourist Guide Certification

For tourist guides working with any kind of food or beverage product or experience.

Recognizing Excellence in Our Industry

There is a wide variation among the services and experiences provided by professionals who call themselves "tourist guides".  Some guides are true professionals, with the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver successful, quality tours. Other "guides" are fly-by-night, only hoping to earn some quick cash without any regard to the visitors' experience. Still other guides may be actually be experienced, but who do not have any professional qualifications.

We designed the Culinary Certified Tourist Guide program to combat our industry's lack of consistency and professionalism when it comes to tourist guide professionals who deal with any kind of food or beverage products or experiences. The program recognizes and rewards eligible industry professionals who successfully complete the training process as Culinary-Certified Tourist Guides.

For the initial phase of the certification program, the guide certification application is restricted to individuals who are current individual members of the national member associations of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG). We may offer certification in other areas in the future. If you're not yet a member of FEG, consider joining one of their national member associations today. If you live in another area and are interested in getting certified once the program expands, please let us know by opening a support request. We'll add you to our notification list.

Your Benefits

If your application is successful, as a Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide, you will receive:

  • Beautiful color enamel lapel pin. Feature our certification logo (show at right). Airmailed to you anywhere in the world. It's a real conversation starter that will have your guests asking what the pin means and you can tell them that you are recognized by the World Food Travel Association as a Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide. Each year you will be given the chance to renew your certification and you will
    receive an updated color enamel pin for the coming year.
  • High-resolution certificate. You will receive a high resolution color certificate in PDF format, suitable for printing (by you) and framing for your office. Each year you will be given the chance to renew your certification and you will receive an updated PDF certificate.
  • Portable credentials. You can take your certification with you and guide on your own or with another tour company in the same area in which you are certified.  You do not need to get re-certified if you change companies.
  • Impartial third-party assessment. You might have great reviews and even some experience. With our certification, you are part of something bigger. We’re the world’s leading authority on food & beverage tourism.Your marketing claims will carry weight & reassure your guests.
  • Online listing (coming soon). We're working on a new consumer-facing website that will give you much-needed visibility as a Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide. When it's ready, you will receive a basic online listing for yourself, a great way to prove to your potential customers that you are an expert Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide.
  • Human verification. Ask your customers or employers to get in touch with us directly to verify your certification (no extra charge for this service).
  • As long as you keep your certification current, all of your benefits will continue.  Annual renewal is optional but recommended to keep your certification current.

How It Works

  • Check your eligibility below.
  • Register online & pay the application fee.
  • Check your email for invitation to our learning system.
  • Watch the videos & take the tests (3 hours, total). There is an optional podcast.
  • Complete your online assessment (based on what you learned & your experience).
  • If you pass, collect your diploma and start marketing your certification!

Learn more about the application process here.


The Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide designation adheres to the European Union's requirements for tourist guides, as defined by European Norm 13809:2003 and who are also officially certified in their respective countries. Therefore at this time, eligibility is restricted to professionally, qualified tourist guides who:

If you guide in a a different geographic area, you may still be eligible to apply as a member of other qualified organizations. If you are not a professionally certified tourist guide, then consider getting your professional tourist guide qualification first. Get in touch and let us know where you live, and we'll let you know what eligible professional tourist guide organizations exist in your area, and whose certification we recognize for your Certified-Culinary Tourist Guide application.


Apply Now

What We Certify

  • That you have the knowledge to be able to deliver a successful culinary tour
  • That you are knowledgeable about the culinary culture for the geographic area in which you are qualified to guide
  • That you have completed a professional guide qualification program prior to enrollment in the culinary tourist guide certification program

Important Information

You will have 31 days to complete the required training. You do not need to complete all training during the same online session. You can come back as often as you wish during the 31 day application period. 

If you need more time, you can extend your application once for another 31 days for an additional fee. No additional extensions after the second 31-day period are allowed (you'll need to apply again). In other words, you can have up to 62 days total to complete your application (but you'll have to pay for an extension if you cannot complete it in 31 days). Therefore it is in your best interest to complete your application quickly.

As a qualified tourist guide, you will be required to upload a copy of your current tourist guide identification or badge.

The application fee is nonrefundable but you can take the training again if you do not pass the first time. We will provide feedback if you do not pass so that you can do better the second time.

You'll need to keep your certification listing on our consumer website current by renewing annually. You'll get an updated pin and certificate, and your listing on our consumer website will stay live.

See all prerequisites and other important considerations.

Be sure to explore our full FAQ about the Culinary Certified Tourist Guide program.