Academic Accreditation

Consistency in Food Tourism Education


Now that our industry is is nearly 20 years old, we see a lot of organizations that profess to offer full academic degrees in food or beverage tourism. While we are pleased to see the growth and interest in food and beverage tourism, the truth is, current academic study programs are inconsistent in specific content and how they teach. Current curricula are scattered and largely unfocused on the core area of need, namely food and beverage tourism. We are working with a team of academic experts to professionalize how food and beverage tourism is both taught and learned.

For students and researchers. Ensure that you have a proper foundation of what food tourism is and what it means for you and your career. You will also be able to apply for testing, which if you pass, will qualify you to receive accreditation from the World Food Travel Association.

For instructors. We're developing a core curriculum that you can weave into your other content. A core curriculum ensures that your teaching provides the essential messages for your students to gain a firm foundation. Our core curriculum does not detract from other content you teach; rather it enhances it. Instructors may apply to be accredited.

For institutions. Obtain accreditation so that your institution is recognized by the World Food Travel Association as an institution of leading knowledge in the subject of food tourism.

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