Promoting Food Tourism in a Time of Economic Austerity: The Case of Greece (Webinar April 24)

Promoting Food Tourism in a Time of Economic Austerity: The Case of Greece

This is the session 2 webinar, which takes place place during the Online Food Travel Summit.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 10:00-10:50 PST (18:00-18:50 GMT)


Maria Athanasopoulou, Co-Owner, Top Tourism and

 Xeni Gerna, Vocational Tourism Training Institute, Hellenic Ministry of Tourism, Thessaloniki, Greece





Greece is one of the world's favorite tourism destinations. Yet in recent years, the country has experienced economic hardships not normally experienced in a developed economy. Economists know that tourism is an excellent way to bring a fresh infusion of cash to a destination. Therefore increasing tourism would seem to be an important part of the solution to Greece's economic crisis. Yes and no. The problem is that there is so much competition among destinations, travelers have too much choice. A trip to Greece might absolutely be of interest, but there is simply too much marketing noise. How can a beloved destination like Greece rise above the clutter and make itself heard? The answer is food and drink. Greek food (i.e. authentic Greek food in Greece) has always been a highlight of any visit to Greece. Our speakers will discuss the measures Greece has been taking to leverage food and beverage tourism in this time of economic austerity. Topics covered include how Greece modified its destination marketing strategy, including branding of its food and beverages in a tourism context; the idea of gastronomy and destination attraction and loyalty; changes made by Greek food and beverage manufacturers to facilitate tourism; and low-/no-cost marketing tactics used by Greek food, beverage, tourism and hospitality businesses. Metrics will compare the economic situation and performance before and after these changes were implemented. 


  • Identify the red economic flags that reveal a pending crisis and that important changes will soon be needed ahead
  • How to develop & promote food and beverage tourism products and experiences with little or no budget
  • In the face of enormous stress and rising emotions, best practices in crisis communications and how to join the voices of various constituents into the symphony of a consistent message that appeals to travelers overwhelmed with marketing "noise"


  • Marketing managers and strategists
  • Branding, PR and advertising professionals
  • Destination marketers and governments
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Product developers




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