Managing Food Traveler Expectations in "Overtouristed" Destinations: Webinar April 24

Managing Food Traveler Expectations in "Overtouristed" Destinations

This is the session 3 webinar, which takes place place during the Online Food Travel Summit.


Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 11-11:50 PST (19:00-19:50 GMT)


Danny Adler, Owner, Adler & Marlow Tour Operator, Barcelona, Spain





The issue of "Overtourism" officially came to light in 2013 with the publication of "Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism" by Elizabeth Becker. Managing a luxury travel company in Barcelona, Danny has been in a unique position to witness first-hand the deluge of visitors to one of the world's most "overtouristed" destinations that Becker discusses in her book. For the past few years, Danny has been struggling to offer his clients authentic food and wine experiences, in a destination where the mere demand and traffic of tourists is a threat to the very same authenticity. He finds himself constantly needing to replace once coveted neighborhood wine bars and restaurant gems in itineraries because they have regrettably become overrun with individual tourists (FITs) and tour groups.

The problem that food and drink lovers face is severe for several reasons. First, we all desire high quality in an authentic environment. Unfortunately, both quality and environment are influenced and significantly altered, once there is a massive shift in clientele from locals to tourists. We then see the overall loss of foodie gems. ... [continued]




  • Why destinations become "overtouristed"
  • How to adjust tour itineraries when areas are too popular
  • What tourism offices can do to better manage "overtouristed" areas
  • How less popular destinations can maneuver this situation to their advantage


  • Marketing managers and strategists
  • Branding, PR and advertising professionals
  • Destination marketers and governments
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Product developers
  • Trainers and educators




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