Just Released! Podcast Episode 18: Michele Morris - Make Lemonade When Life Gives You Lemons

In this episode #18 of Eat Well Travel Better, join us as we speak with Michele Morris, an award-winning cookbook author and freelance food writer. As a recipe developer and food photographer, she has worked with clients like Niman Ranch and Prairie Grove Farms. She publishes two popular blogs – a food blog with over 1000 recipes, and a travel blog featuring over 150 locations around the world with a heavy emphasis on the food and wine. Both blogs feature Michele’s photography. Although she only recently discovered her Italian roots, Italy holds a special place in Michele’s heart. She’s traveled to Rome nearly 20 times and leads culinary tours in southern Italy. When home in Denver, Michele volunteers extensively in her community.


In this episode you'll learn:

  • To know and focus on your true strengths, and hire others to do what you need help with
  • For those who are shy, how to arrange circumstances so you will be in a position to overcome your shyness
  • Why authentic cuisines ultimately beget fusion dishes
  • Why regional cuisines are, in many cases, more important than national cuisines
  • Why promoting regions instead of entire countries can help combat overtourism
  • Why travel is the best education