JUST ANNOUNCED! Andy Waugh speaking at FoodTrex London

JUST ANNOUNCED! Andy Waugh, successful chef and restaurant owner will share his journey to success and how the customer journey has influenced his decisions on his way there. Join us at FoodTrex London | Food Travel Innovation Summit on Sunday, November 4th to see what today's food-loving customers really want.



Andy is from a family of wild meat butchers in the far north of Scotland. His upbringing was focused around helping the family business, fishing trips and holidays exclusively around Scotland. He moved to London in 2009 and started his Mac & Wild journey the following year. In 2010, he opened a market stall on Broadway Market selling raw wild meat from his family’s business. He soon realised that he needed to do more, so he offered street food (winning a 2012 award) and hosting popup restaurants. In the early days, he wasn’t aware that his customers wanted to know so much about the meat’s provenance. In 2015, he opened the first Mac & Wild in Fitzrovia and things got exciting. He learned quickly that not only do customers care about that, their entire customer journey is based around the stories he tells and the experience they have, while dining. Andy uses tools like menu messaging and focusing on “extreme provenance” to enhance his customer’s experience. Today, he manages a total of three Mac & Wild eateries in London. His business has won awards such as Timeout Magazine’s Top 3 Steaks in London, number 1 burgerin the UK by the National Burger Awards, and “Best Restaurant in the World" by British food writer and television presenter Giles Coren.


Speaker: Andy Waugh, Owner, Mac & Wild, London, England

Session tags: food travel, customer journey, customer experience, destination branding, customer expectations, story telling, local products