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Story Ideas

  • Food Tourism is now more than just a niche – everyone seems to be doing it.
  • Because we all eat, we take eating for granted. Yet it is the one thing with the greatest potential to make a long lasting impact on visitors.
  • Culinary art is the only art form that speaks to all five human senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch).
  • Nearly 100% of tourists dine out when traveling. Each dining opportunity is a chance to get to know local food and people.
  • Cuisine is the only attraction that is available year-round, in any weather, at any time of day, even on holidays.
  • Cuisine is “experiential” as it satisfies today’s traveler demands for hands-on, interactive experiences.
  • Dining is consistently one of the top 3 favorite tourist activities.
  • Interest in cuisine in travel is not exclusive to a particular age, gender or ethnic group.
  • The higher the dinner bill, the more likely the patrons are tourists.
  • Food tourists are “explorers”. Cuisine offers a potential new discovery with every meal.
  • Food Tourism is a tool for economic and community development.
  • Food Tourism is not pretentious or exclusive. It’s not just about restaurants that have earned 4 stars or better or exclusive wineries. Culinary Tourism is inclusive and represents any type of food, beverage and travel experience that is unique and memorable, no matter where it takes place.
  • Food Tourism perfectly represents the Medici Effect – the intersection of two seemingly unrelated concepts that combine to make a new industry.
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