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Future Events

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Second Annual FoodWorx: The Future of Food Conference – February 4, 2014

FoodWorx is all about the Future of Food, and addresses issues in four major areas: Food & Environment; Food & Health; Food & Economics; and Food & Society. The one-day inspirational conference is held annually in Portland, Oregon, USA.

World Food Travel Summit [biennial: 2015, 2017 and 2019]

wfts2The World Food Travel Summit takes place every two years and is the world’s largest gathering of food tourism professionals. The next scheduled date is 2015, followed by 2017. The exact time of year can vary . We are always interested in discussing future locations with suitable candidate cities.

The format has evolved and now features the following activities over the 3.5 days:

First evening: huge gala dinner & welcome party featuring local food and drink and local chef celebrities; significant media exposure
Second day:  morning, lunch and closing keynote speeches (maximum 3l) interspersed with business to business appointments throughout the morning and afternoon
Second evening (after work): consumer food travel expo showcasing Summit attendees to local and regional residents; this could also be done on a weekend day on either side of the Summit itself
Third day: morning, lunch and closing keynote speeches (maximum 3) interspersed with business to business appointments throughout the morning and afternoon
Third day late afternoon: closing reception featuring local food and drink
Fourth & last day: adjunct meetings including chapters and certified culinary travel professional training

Candidate cities should already have thought about the following before applying:

  • Which city do you hope would be host to the Summit? Easy and affordable international air access is a must.
  • Does the host city have an interesting food or drink scene that would be of interest to international delegates? Note: that does not mean that you need a large selection of international restaurants or gourmet-only experiences.
  • Have you spoken with the tourism office and any relevant trade associations in the host city? It is important to involve them from the beginning. A major advantage is strong local, regional or national groups already involved in your area in food or drink tourism.
  • What kind of marketing support can the host city and its tourism organization partners provide to help promote the next world summit?
  • Have you identified yet sponsors to help build a budget for the Summit? You have the local and regional relationships to secure sponsorships, which are always managed in-country (i.e. never by a USA corporate headquarters unless the event takes place in the USA)
  • To help support and promote the Summit locally, our experience has shown that it is necessary to have a local affiliate (like a chapter) of the World Food Travel Association, which serves as a focal point for your area’s food tourism industry.
  • We require that the host destination sponsors the current World Food Travel Summit and/or World Food Travel Association at least two years in advance to build excitement and awareness for the future Summit in your destination.
  • Who would serve as local meeting planner in your area? Our experience has shown that an individual professional meeting planner and not a meeting planner company, serve our needs best.

If your destination can answer the above questions, or you have questions or require a discussion, then please contact Association Executive Director Erik Wolf at erik(at)worldfoodtravel(dot)org for more information.

Please note that we avoid arranging conferences during the host destination’s high tourist season. We are sorry but rural destinations, while many of which offer amazing food and drink experiences, are unsuitable for our needs for a variety of reasons (but rural destinations may be considered for regional tours as part of a conference in a nearby city).

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