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(Portland, Oregon, USA and Lisbon, Portugal, 21 July 2014) — The World Food Travel Association and its Portuguese Embassy, APTECE, are pleased to announce Jodi Ettenberg as keynote speaker.

Jodi Ettenberg is a writer, photographer, and food-obsessed traveler exploring the world since she quit her job in April 2008.  Jodi founded the website Legal Nomads to tell the stories of the places she visits, often through food. She is also the author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook: How to Eat Cheap, Safe, and Delicious Food Anywhere in the World, and runs small-group food walks in Saigon, Vietnam during the winter months.

She has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic, BBC Travel, Singapore inflight magazine SilverKris, CNN Travel and more. Prior to founding Legal Nomads, Jodi worked as a corporate lawyer in New York City for 5 years. She frequently speaks about social media strategy, food and travel, and storytelling. She gets the shakes when she goes too long without eating sticky rice.

Jodi is one of the names announced by the World Food Travel Summit & Expo, which will take place in Estoril, just outside Lisbon, from April 8 to 11 of 2015.


The Summit is a must-see, must-attend event for thought leaders, strategists, marketers, media and product developers in food, drink, travel and hospitality.

The Summit will also feature the European Street Food Festival, combining worldwide food and new street food concepts from all over Europe, in a dramatic and impactful celebration of worldwide cuisine.

The WFTS&E will also offer inspirational talks by some of the world’s top food and hospitality thought leaders, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Whether you come for the education, to promote your products and services, to meet people to do business with, or the great food, you will surely leave with a full stomach and a mind full of great ideas to take back home.

Again for 2015, Summit delegates will be able to participate in SavorSearch, the in-person business to business meetings designed to match buyers and sellers of food, drink, travel and hospitality products. In 2015, however, delegates will have even more opportunity to find time to meet with potential buyers and sellers as SavorSearch has been expanded, there is simply no other food tourism industry business matchmaking service in the world quite like you will find at the Summit.

New for 2015 is a consumer food travel expo to introduce the 3 million Lisbon metro area residents to the notion of food tourism. The full-day Expo will offer chef demos, exhibits and entertainment.

The Summit is organized in cooperation with APTECE, the Portuguese Embassy of Food Tourism Development, an affiliate (chapter) of the World Food Travel Association. The Association’s affiliates serve as the voice of the Association in various regions around the world.


The World Food Travel Association is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and the world’s leading authority on food tourism. The Association is at the forefront of food and drink tourism development with cutting-edge products and services that meet the needs of today’s food, drink, travel, hospitality and media professionals. The Association serves more than 30,000 professionals in 135 countries. More info at


Founded in 2012, APTECE works with the food, drink, travel and hospitality industries throughout Portugal, to help them to develop and promote their food and drink resources as attractions for visitors. More info at


Main World Food Travel Summit website:

Find the Summit on Facebook:

Media contact in Europe:

José Borralho, President, APTECE [Portuguese Association of Food Tourism Development]

(+351) 910 956 384,

Media contact for rest of world:

Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association

(+1) 503-213-3700 (GMT-8),


CCTP Updates

The Association’s most popular product, the Certified Culinary Travel Professional program, has just been overhauled and completely updated. Notable updates include:

  • Full migration to a fully modern, extremely easy to use and feature-rich learning management system
  • Modernization of formatting, including new branding
  • Updated with currently relevant examples, and old content has been retired
  • Final test questions updated


If you’ve been thinking about getting your certification in culinary travel, there is no better time than the present! Do it now!

Welcome New Board

We are pleased to announce our new Board of Directors for the 2014-2016 term.


Aligning with the world’s leader in food and drink tourism conveys considerable benefits to your business.  Upcoming visibility and partnership opportunities are available for the following products:

  • 2015 Year in Review Industry Report (deadline 15 November 2014)
  • Certified Culinary Travel Professional program (ongoing program)
  • World Food Travel Summit & Consumer Food Travel Expo (deadline 1 April 2015)
  • FoodWorx: The Future of Food Conference (deadline 1 February 2015)

The earlier you contact us with your request, the more we will be able to accommodate specific needs and interests.

July 2014 News

COMING END OF YEAR – “2015: The Year Ahead in Food Travel” Report

Coming at the end of this year, we will publish our first ever “Year Ahead in Food Travel” Report that is both a snapshot of the food travel industry in 2014 and a look ahead at what to expect for 2015. New learnings in data, trends and more will be included.

Are you looking for a great opportunity to showcase your business, organization or destination as an important supporter of the food travel industry?  WE ARE LOOKING FOR REPORT SPONSORS. Sponsorships range from as little as US$100 up to US$5000 for maximum visibility.

To learn more, please contact our Executive Director, Erik Wolf at

Brand New CCTP Program Experience

The Certified Culinary Travel Professional (CCTP) program is the industry’s first and most comprehensive training and certification program for professionals in food and drink tourism, and now it has been redesigned to make your learning experience easier and more intuitive than ever before.  Since the program began, we’ve certified more than 400 professionals world-wide. The course costs US$495 and can be completed in as fast as a weekend or you can take up to 2 months to finish. And it is completely customized to your needs! Unlimited time with your faculty advisor is included.

Learn more about the CCTP program and get started on your certification today:

Have Fork Will Travel Book

Our new handbook is designed to help practitioners cope with the myriad changes in our industry by providing many of the ideas and tools needed to succeed.

“Why should business owners care about food and drink in the context of tourism? In fact, why does a food tourism industry even exist? It is now considered a vital part of the tourism experience for visitors to experience the unique and memorable food and drink of a particular geographic area. Food tourism activities are broad and include much more that just dining out. For example, food events, cooking schools, cookbook stores, wineries and more are all part of the food and drink tourism experience…” -  from p. 13, Have Fork Will Travel, The Food Tourism Industry Zeitgeist, by Lisa Chase, Kumar Mishra and Erik Wolf

Learn more or purchase the book here:

Congratulations Amanda Niode!

We are pleased to announce our most recent Certified Culinary Travel Professional graduate. Amanda Niode is Chair of Omar Niode Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Indonesia working to raise awareness on the quality of education and human resources in the field of agriculture, food, and culinary arts. Amanda, who is also the WFTA’s Ambassador in Indonesia, wrote a 45-page research paper to earn her CCTP certificate. Her paper introduces the Province of Gorontalo on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia as a food tourism destination.

Read more about Amanda and her work on our website.

World Food Travel Summit & Expo – Save the Date

World Food Travel Summit & Expo is taking place April 7-11, 2015 in Estoril, Portugal, just outside Lisbon. Save the date to your calendar now and we will let you know when registration opens!

The Ambassador Network is growing!

We now have 60 ambassadors spanning the globe and our network is growing!

Read more or apply to be an Ambassador or start an Embassy in your country:

Congrats to SavorSearch Survey Winners!

Congratulations to our SavorSearch June 2014 survey book winners: Robert Esposito from Coco Khmer in Cambodia and Juanita Keel-Ryan in Newfoundland, Canada.


Welcome Our Newest Graduate: Indonesia’s Amanda Niode

The Association is pleased to announce our most recent Certified Culinary Travel Professional graduate, Amanda Niode from Indonesia:

Photo_Amanda_NiodeAmanda Niode is Chair of Omar Niode Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Indonesia working to raise awareness on the quality of education and human resources in the field of agriculture, food, and culinary arts. Amanda who is also the World Food Travel Association’s Ambassador in Indonesia wrote a 45–page research paper to earn her CCTP certificate that she will use to introduce the Province of Gorontalo on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia as a food tourism destination. Gorontalo is a relatively untouched paradise boasting great aquatic life, lakes, forts, and underwater reefs as well as scenic views and some interesting history. It is a great destination for food lovers who seek for experience and delicacies that are unique, fresh, spicy and nutritious, ranging from appetizer, to main course, snack and dessert. Visit Omar Niode Foundation and follow @omarniode for information and views on travel, agriculture, food and culinary writing.

United States of Flavor Guide

Hot off the electronic presses – our United States of Flavor Guide!  DOWNLOAD NOW (10 MB). Or learn more.

June 2014 News


At the request of a few overseas tour operators, we created a special overview guide to introduce non-Americans to the best eating and drinking experiences in the USA. The guide divides the USA into sections and avoids naming specific business by name. Instead, the guide focuses on foods visitors should try, like barbecue in the South, lobster rolls in New England, and burritos in California. If you are a tour operator who brings visitors into the USA or if you’re a non-American foodie traveler hoping for a quick, easy to read introduction to American food and drink, this is the guide for you. The format is a 24 page PDF and there is no cost. DOWNLOAD NOW


We have just renamed our affiliate network as our “Embassy Network” to more accurately reflect what these entities do. Some people misunderstood our affiliate network to be a kind of advertising commission network. That was never the case!. Affiliates (now Embassies) are our contacts in communities all around the world. If you’re familiar with the term “chapter”, you could look at our Embassies as “chapters” of our Association. Embassies are established or new organizations (not individuals) who want a much closer working relationship with our Association. We work with Embassies to help them build their food and drink tourism infrastructure, and providing entrepreneur experience as needed to help you succeed. An area must also have an Embassy in place before it can bid on a World Food Travel Summit. Portugal is our first Embassy and we’re in discussion with two other destinations that are interested in starting Embassies in their areas. Sound interesting to you? Read more about Embassies or if you’re ready, apply online right now.


The Association’s Board of Directors has voted to expand our current board director number from 3 to 5. With one board member retiring, that means we will have a total of 3 openings for new board members as of the start of our new fiscal year on July 1. Sound interesting? Please find a detailed “job” description on the linked page below. If you are interested in applying for this prestigious role, please follow the link to complete the online application. Submit your application before June 15 at:


Brand new format! Business to business appointments for everyone. Larger exhibition area. Lots more networking & social events. And for the first time ever – a consumer day – reach the 3 million Lisbon metro area residents who love food! For a chance to win one of several monthly giveaways for a complimentary Summit registration, please subscribe to our newsletter list here: You must be a current World Food Travel Summit newsletter subscriber (that is different from our regular newsletter which you are now reading). Promotion begins May 22, 2014 and closes at 11:59 pm US PST on February 28, 2015. Offer void where prohibited. One winner will be selected for each month for a total of 10 months. Beginning July 1, winners will be announced by the first Monday of the month following the previous month’s contest closing. Contest closes on last day of the calendar month each month. To be entered to win a free registration each entrant must be a subscriber who has consented to receiving emails from the World Food Travel Summit, each entrant must “like” the Summit on Facebook or “follow” the Summit on Twitter, and each entrant must share a monthly Summit email on at least one social media profile owned and operated by entrant. Prize includes Welcome Reception – Flavors of Portugal on Wednesday, April 8; all Summit events on Thursday, April 9, including Street Food Party; all events on Friday, April 10, including Gala Dinner & Awards and the Consumer Exposition on Saturday, April 11. Does not include any travel, lodging or other expenses, or other optional events.


We are migrating to a brand-new. full-fledged contact relationship managed system with a much more sophisticated email distribution service than what we currently use. The transition is currently underway and should be complete by mid-June. You will be able to subscribe and unsubscribe with ease, and join other product-specific mailing lists that we have not had before. We wanted to let you know so the next newsletter you receive will look a little different, and it will come from a different mail server as well. It’s still us so please don’t be confused.


Our new Ambassador Network has already grown to 50 ambassadors currently representing our Association around the world. Are you passionate about promoting food and drink tourism to your area, but do not yet have enough resources to form an Embassy? If you would like to participate and have just a little bit of time each month to share our news with your area, and share your news with us, then apply online or read more here. There is no cost to participate.

Our brand new book, Have Fork Will Travel, is out and is already being heralded as the food tourism industry “bible” and an essential tool for industry professionals. Here is a link to the book on Amazon – peruse the pages or order your own copy today. Amazon ships globally and you can pay in US$, GBP or EUR.

Affiliates Now Called Embassies

We are excited to announce that we have renamed our Affiliate Network, which is now called our Embassy Network. The reason for the name change is that people misunderstood our intent for the word “affiliate”.  Our intent is to describe an organization at a local or regional level that serves as the primary representative and point of contact of our organization in that area. In other words, very much like an Embassy. The “Embassy” head is called the Head of Mission. Ambassadors are individuals who oversee smaller geographic areas. There can be many ambassadors in one area, but only one Head of Mission.

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